We’re trying to keep our heads above water. We’re trying to fight for everyone else’s life, but we also fight for our lives as well.

Dr. Arabia Mollette, an emergency medicine physician.

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The global COVID-19 crisis directly affects more women than men in some of the most heavily impacted industries. In the U.S., 76% of all healthcare jobs are held by women, and more than 85% of nurses in the field are women, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Other industries altered by the crisis, such as hospitality, restaurants, retail, education, and paid care work, skew predominantly female.

Looping in ZoomInfo’s data, we’ll take a closer look at the gender promotion gap in industries at the center of the crisis and how it will impact the future of women’s careers. The conclusions we walk away with may just alter the course of the career paths we choose to follow.

Figure 1: This chart lists out the industries that employ the most women serving on the front lines of the pandemic. (Source: ZoomInfo)

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