If you’re not familiar with web push notifications, here’s a very basic definition: Push notifications are messages that come from an app or website that appear on a subscriber’s desktop computer or mobile device—even if they’re not on that particular company’s website.

Businesses everywhere use push notifications to deliver content and important updates to customers and website visitors.

Because web push notifications are a relatively new marketing tool, businesses are still trying to figure out how to leverage this new technology to its full potential.

In search of an answer, a company called MaxTraffic connected with 38 top marketing experts, influencers and World Wide Web superstars who agreed to share their best advice. The findings were combined into an infographic that reveals the best tips and tricks to successfully use web push notifications.

Before jumping straight to the infographic, here are our top three tips to achieve push notification success:

3 Ways to Achieve Success with Web Push Notifications

Engaging copy

Depending on the user’s browser, a  web push notification is limited to between 40 and 120 characters. Because of these limitations, you must use clear and compelling messaging to drive conversions. The key to conversion is to move users back to your website with an immediate next step or call-to-action.


To deliver push messages that are truly relevant to your subscribers, you must carefully segment your audience. Start by grouping your subscribers by shared traits. This might be their geographic location, a certain product they have viewed, or the device they used to access your website.

Frequency and timing

If you send too many web push notifications throughout the day, you run the risk of annoying your subscribers. Instead, save your push notifications for important news, special offers, or critical product information.

Also, keep in mind that poorly timed notifications may upset your users or deliver weak conversion results. So try not to send push messages early in the morning or late at night.

To find more detailed insights on web push notifications, take a look at the infographic below!

The Power of Web Push Notification [Infographic]

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Contributed by Giedrė Šulčinskaitė, Head of Content at MaxTraffic.

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