The 2018 Lead Generation Conference Checklist

trade show lead generation conferenceIf you’ve ever been to a tradeshow, you know there’s no time to rest, let alone think about B2B lead generation. But of course, lead generation is always the end goal. So, what can you do?

Keep this lead generation conference checklist in mind:

Send a pre-conference email to other attendees

Do you have a list of companies attending the tradeshow? If so, reach out! Let them know how excited you are, and provide a brief introduction. For instance, include a few bullet points on how you can help, as well as your booth number, and other details. For example, send a pre-conference email if your company is planning to host any giveaways, networking events, or speaking sessions.

Now, this may not be the most creative outreach strategy. But it’s an important step for marketing lead generation, especially if people are not already familiar with your company. You can even set up in-person appointments with key prospects prior to the event.

Reach out and promote your presence through social channels

Don’t wait until you arrive to start networking. In fact, your best bet is to monitor the conference hashtag, retweeting and engaging when someone posts about a relevant topic. You can also promote your presence through simple messages, such as the ones below:

  • Can’t wait for Conference X! Who else is attending?
  • If you’re attending Conference X, don’t miss our booth! Hope to see you there.
  • Looking forward to Conference X! If you’ll be there, let me know so we can connect.

Trust us – if you start promoting your B2B events or trandeshow booths early, it’ll be easier to build on your momentum during the actual conference. At that time, you can continue to utilize the hashtag, tweeting during any sessions you attend and posting pictures of your team, along with your booth number.

Bring plenty of swag to stand out from the crowd

Walking around the floor of a tradeshow feels a bit like Christmas, as you can receive everything from branded cellphone chargers to sweatshirts, water bottles, and tote bags. Then there are also opportunities to win bigger prizes, like iPads and GoPros.

This is a great experience for attendees. But it’s even better for sponsors, as it draws people to their booths, giving them the chance to generate new leads and increase brand awareness.

So before you leave for your next show, think about what would interest your target audience. In addition to giveaways, do you have whitepapers and data sheets on hand? And don’t forget about the design of the booth itself. With so many other exhibitors, you’ll need to have eye-catching graphics and relevant messaging.

Host a happy hour or breakout session, if possible

No matter how awesome your booth is, you won’t speak to everyone at the conference. And those who do stop by may only linger for a few minutes. In that time, you need to make a good impression – it’s basically the marketer’s version of speed dating.

To counteract this, try hosting or co-hosting a smaller event, such as a happy hour or breakout session. With fewer people to deal with, you can actually have more valuable conversations. Most importantly, though, you can continue to talk after the tradeshow ends, as you’ll have a list of those who attended.

Prepare trade show lead generation outreach for post-conference follow-up efforts.

While you’re writing your pre-conference emails, be sure to write post-conference ones, as well. You should already have a template to follow if you’ve attended trade shows in the past.

In this case, say thanks for stopping by and remind recipients of the value you can provide. If it’s relevant, you can also include the slide deck from your presentation or another piece of targeted content. And as always, include a call to action! You’d be surprised how many people will respond to a question, such as “When do you have 15 minutes this week to chat more about how we can help?”

Remember, though, even if someone gave you their name and number, you may not have the full picture. For this reason, you’ll want to utilize data management tools, which can help you fill in the gaps and update incorrect contact information.

Looking to improve your marketing lead generation before your next tradeshow? ZoomInfo can help! Contact us today to learn more about our B2B database.

Originally published by ZoomInfo on March 21, 2016.