As a busy recruiter, you don’t have much time in your day to spend reading articles and recruiting blogs. After all, you’re sourcing candidates, scheduling interviews, and combing through resumes. We get that.

But there’s something to be said for taking a quick break during the day to catch up on the latest trends, best practices, and breaking industry news. We won’t go as far as to say you should forgo important tasks to do some light reading—but we definitely recommend taking a well-deserved break once in a while to check out the leading resources for recruiters.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are our ten recruiting blogs to bookmark today. Let’s get into it!

1.     The Staffing Stream

According to their website, The Staffing Stream is a place where hundreds of people from across the staffing ecosystem can engage each other. By tapping into the vast reach of the Internet, The Staffing Stream will help you in real time so that you can be better informed, more connected and do your job even more effectively.

They welcome those who have something to say and can make a difference. It’s not about self-promotion but about encouraging dialogue and increasing our understanding of what the staffing universe is all about. And in the process, have some fun and grow our businesses.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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2.     Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Here’s one you’re likely familiar with. SHRM is the go-to resource for HR professionals and recruiters around the world. According to their website, SHRM provides education, thought leadership, certification, community, and advocacy to enhance the practice of human resource management and the effectiveness of HR professionals in the organizations and communities they serve.

The SHRM blog is arguably the most well-respected, comprehensive, useful resources on this list. Go take a look!

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3.     ZoomInfo

We couldn’t not mention our own blog—but hey, we may be a little bit biased. Although we primarily cover topics related to sales and marketing, we have also built up a large body of content about recruiting and HR. We focus on providing actionable strategies recruiting professionals can use immediately.

After you’re done with this post, be sure to browse our catalog of recruiting content.

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4.     TechnologyAdvice

Although TechnologyAdvice covers a wide array of industries and job functions, their main goal is to educate, advise, and connect buyers and sellers of business technology. Their comprehensive business blog covers the following categories: IT, sales, marketing, HR, and healthcare.

Because the focus of this piece is recruiting, we strongly recommend you check out the TechnologyAdvice HR blog specifically—although you’ll definitely find content of interest in each of the different subsections.

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5.     Perry-Martel International

Perry-Martel is a full service, retained executive search firm focused on recruiting c-suite leadership. Their website contains an array of resources to help recruiters fine-tune their own strategies.

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6.     Echogravity

Echogravity is a full-service marketing firm that specializes in marketing for recruiting and staffing firms. The Echogravity blog is full of actionable, real-world, hiring tips for recruiters. They dive deep into the various channels, tactics, and trends flooding the recruiting industry to help you decipher what will work best for each individual recruiter. Check it out!

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7.     Talent Hero

According to the Talent Hero website, they focus on lead generation for recruiters. They combine their recruiting and staffing expertise with the latest insights in web design and online marketing to help recruiters find new clients and place new applicants.

The Talent Hero website contains a variety of resources, guides, checklists, and more. Visit their blog and see for yourself!

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8.     College Recruiter

According to the College Recruiter website, they believe that every student and recent grad deserves a great career. They believe in creating both great candidate experiences and great recruiter experiences.

College Recruiter offers a variety of resources for recruiters and job seekers including informational blog posts, articles, videos, events, and so much more. You don’t want to miss this one!

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9.     HR Daily Advisor

The HR Daily Advisor offers free webcasts, articles, and reports on topics important to HR and compensation professionals. Their website offers a wide range of resources for all aspects of an HR professional’s daily responsibilities, including recruiting, hiring, environmental safety, health, IT, and training.

Check their website daily or periodically for a wealth of information that will undoubtedly provide you with tools to simplify and improve your daily workload. Take a look!

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10.  VocaWorks

Although VocaWorks is primarily a recruiting and hiring platform, they also offer a wealth of recruiting knowledge on their company blog. Their posts cover everything from career advancement to enterprise management to talent strategy. Check it out!

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Final Thoughts

And there you have it—ten of our favorite recruiting blogs. Of course, this list is by no means comprehensive, but if you’re looking for new recruiting content, it’s a great place to start. Did we miss any of your favorite recruiting blogs? Send us a tweet: @zoominfo!

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