Webinars are a great way to provide thought leadership and educational content in a visual way to your audience. Oftentimes, webinars are presented on a specific date at a certain time and are recorded for those who couldn’t attend.

They’re a great tactic for lead generation and branding, as well as positioning your company as an industry expert.

Use these ten tips to ensure your next webinar is successful:

1. Use your webinar to educate your audience, not to sell.

A webinar shouldn’t just be a demo of your products and services. Instead, focus on providing relevant content, and save your sales pitch for follow-up conversations.

When coming up with a topic for your webinar, consider your buyer personas. Who’s your target audience and what are their pain points? Ideally, everyone who attends your webinar should leave learning something they didn’t know before. This will help you position your company as an industry expert.

2.  Practice the webinar beforehand.

To ensure your webinar runs smoothly, make sure to conduct a dry run the day before. Include all presenters and practice handing off controls. Also, make sure your content flows.

3.  Promote the webinar to a segmented audience.

Sending emails to promote your webinars can be an effective strategy, but always keep your topic in mind. If your webinar covers how to increase sales team productivity, segment your data and only send emails to contacts with sales titles, ensuring your message is relevant to recipients. The same goes for paid ad campaigns.

4.  Create an uncluttered slide deck.

Do not, and we repeat, do not, include every single word you’re going to say during the webinar on your slides and read directly off them. Your slide deck should be an outline of what you’re talking about and at the same time, each slide should visually portray your points. If you’re using PowerPoint, use the notes section to help you remember your talking points.

5.  Setup at least 30 minutes prior to the start time.

We’ve all experienced it ourselves or been on a webinar where there were technical difficulties, and let’s just say it’s the best way to lose attendees. If you, as the presenter, are holding up the start of the webinar because your internet is down or your phones aren’t working, that’ll hurt your brand reputation.

People are busy and don’t have time to sit around and wait for you to get it together. By logging in ahead of time you can troubleshoot any issues that come up and be ready to start at the scheduled time.

6.  Send a reminder and follow up emails.

According to ON24, about 42% of people attend a typical marketing webinar. However, the same study suggests that sending a final email within 24 hours of the start time can increase registration by 37% (source). In other words, don’t just assume everyone will remember the date and set aside time on their calendars.

Additionally, your follow up emails should be written prior to the webinar so you can send them right away. Use them as a way to inform your audience about upcoming webinars, as well as sending them the slide deck and recording.

7. Keep your webinar short and leave time for questions.

The length of your webinar may vary depending on the topic. However, if it’s too long, your attendees will begin to lose focus and drop off. Try to keep your webinar to 30 minutes or as close to that mark as you can.

Build your Q & A session into the 30 minutes allotted for the webinar. This session can provide value for attendees and is a great way to further qualify your leads.

8.  Engage your audience.

Encourage audience participation by including a few polls throughout the webinar. Use the poll answers in future content or for your own research purposes.

9.  Record your webinar.

People may not be able to watch your webinar live, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Give them the chance to view the slide deck on their own time. The recording can also be incorporated into your lead generation campaigns.

10. Reuse webinar content.

Incorporate snippets from your webinar into blog posts and other marketing campaigns. Also, take audience questions you didn’t have a chance to answer and respond to them in blog posts or on social media. Webinars create endless amounts of reusable content!

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