Text messaging apps, or chat apps, are a hotbed for marketing activity right now. Now, we know what you’re thinking. Messaging apps are commonly thought of as a quick and easy way to exchange private messages, images, and gifs. Yet, text messaging apps are evolving into so much more. In fact, reports show they boast 20% more monthly active users than social networking sites (source).

As a result, the popularity of messaging apps provides a unique opportunity for marketers—think about it, these apps have an expansive user base of customers willing to interact with businesses and spend money on products.

The question is: How can a marketer choose the right app to increase engagement, grow traffic to your website, and, ultimately, grow sales. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not simple or straightforward.  Before you determine which app or combination of apps works best, you’ll need to do your research, conduct testing, and strategize.

To help those marketers considering a text message marketing strategy, the team over at TextMagic have put together an infographic that outlines some of the more popular chat apps and the benefits of each.

Let’s take a look at How to Choose the Best Messaging App to Boost Your Business [Infographic]:

text messaging app

Key Takeaways About Choosing the Right Text Messaging App

And there you have it— our guide to selecting the right messaging app for your business needs. We hope you enjoyed this infographic. If you’re looking for more informational content to improve your sales and marketing efforts, check out these infographics:

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