As the number of B2B technology vendors continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the modern technology stack is in a constant state of evolution.

Today, the average B2B organization’s technology stack is akin to a human fingerprint– a unique identifier that reveals critical information about how a company conducts business, who they work with, and, most importantly, how they spend their money. This information, the core set of tools a business relies on, is often referred to as technographic data.

Although we’ve covered the concept of technographic data in the past, let’s look at a quick refresher. The term technographic data, or technographics, refers to the essential technologies and tools a business uses to function. Beyond that basic definition, more robust technographic data contains insight into purchase behavior, renewal dates, historical purchases, and more!

The 2019 State of Technographics Report for B2B Sales Organizations [Infographic]

Now that we’re all up to speed, let’s quickly talk about today’s infographic. What started as a look into the popularity of technographic data eventually turned into a full-blown deep dive into when, how often, why, and how B2B sales reps use technographic data.

The experts at ZoomInfo spent more than a year collecting and analyzing data in an effort to understand this relatively uncharted territory a bit deeper. The end result? A comprehensive look into technographic data and B2B sales in 2019- neatly packaged for optimal understanding and readability in our latest infographic. Let’s get into it!

technographics infographic

Final Thoughts About the State of Technographics in 2019 and other Infographics

And there you have it– our newest infographic. We hope you were able to glean some important insights into the growing prevalence and value of technographic data! If you’re interested in learning more about the world of B2B sales, check out one of our other infographics:

Or, if you’re ready for a free trial of ZoomInfo’s corporate database, contact our sales team today. Or, if you’d like access to the complete report used to create today’s infographic, click the following link. The Current State of Technographics: The 2019 Technographic Data Report for B2B Sales Organizations.

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