Targeted Marketing or Bad Poetry? [Infographic]

targeted marketingBad poetry: It’s hard to describe but easy to spot. We all know there’s nothing worse than the terrible rhymes, mixed metaphors, and over-the-top adjectives found in amateur poetry.  When a poem is bad, it’s uncomfortable to get through and leaves readers confused— just like bad content marketing.

Bad content is similar to bad poetry but it’s not always as easy to identify.  It’s difficult to meet the ever-growing demand for content, but if you blindly follow trends or fail to think concepts through, your efforts will undoubtedly fail. If you want to be seen as a thought-leader, you need to bring a fresh perspective to your content.

Today’s infographic is here to help you answer the following question: Are you sending targeted marketing or bad poetry? Keep reading!

In order to create a targeted marketing campaign, place yourself in the position of your best buyers.  Ask yourself, is this topic interesting and educational? Does it address the pain points of my target audience?

Your primary goal as a content creator is always to provide your readers with something of value. If you want to keep your contacts engaged in your marketing efforts, it’s important not to rely on old marketing tactics. Instead, personalize your messaging and distribute each piece to a particular segment of your audience.

One last takeaway, don’t rely on clickbait to generate interest in your company. This strategy, like bad poetry, is destined to fail. Instead, keep titles short and informative.

Ready to get into it?

targeted marketing infographic

Key Takeaways

And there you have it— our guide to more targeted marketing campaigns. We hope you enjoyed this infographic. If you’re looking for more informational content to improve your sales and marketing efforts, check out these infographics:

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