Having increasing website traffic is a great indicator that your business is growing organically with online visibility. 

More traffic means a greater likelihood of conversion, and possibly a sale.

The best way to achieve increased traffic is through effective search engine optimization (SEO). SEO builds visibility for your website and awareness for your product or service. It can also help build your credibility, which encourages more people to subscribe to your service. 

SEO takes time to show viable results, so make sure you implement various strategies that will speed up the process. 

That being said, here are a few ways to increase traffic for your SaaS through SEO:

1. Embrace Keyword Rankings

One of the main aspects of SEO is figuring out how your audience will find you online. To solve the particular problem, you should conduct keyword research. 

Keywords are short phrases consumers commonly use to find something specific online (i.e. “copper baking pans,” or “data privacy software”). The keywords you should rank for are the ones that best describe your services, as well as those your audience uses to find a similar service through search engines. 

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Furthermore, avoid ranking for technical terms that aren’t familiar to your target audience. Instead, rank for keywords related to the solutions you provide. Try to think as a consumer would. 

For example, would you search for “automated invoicing cloud-based software,” or would you rather go for “online payment solutions”? It’s common to rank for multiple keywords. However, for more competitive keywords, you should opt for less competitive long-tail phrases. 

2. Focus on Your Website

Many SEO ranking factors originate from your website, and focusing on website optimization can vastly boost your traffic. 

For example, website functionality and performance are crucial for customer satisfaction, while customer satisfaction is an important ranking factor. Therefore, try to provide a seamless user experience on your website. 

The main factors you should focus on are website speed, user-friendliness, responsiveness, security, and navigation (these factors fall under technical SEO). Moreover, you must optimize the content on your website. 

To do so, first make sure your content is highly educational and informative (it should educate consumers about your software and the services you provide). By providing valuable content, visitors will stay longer on your website to read it and explore the site even further. 

A reliable SEO checklist also helps optimize your content to make it more search-engine friendly and help it match user intent. This should include optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs.

3. Engage in Guest Posting 

The relevant and informative content you create shouldn’t be bound solely to your website. Guest posting on other reputable and trustworthy websites can improve your SEO ranking and improve your website traffic as well. 

Keep in mind the content you post should be highly relevant, informative, educational, and entertaining; otherwise, it won’t generate enough attention or engagement.

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Guest posting can be effective for many reasons: It allows you to build your credibility, authority, and reputation, and position yourself as an industry leader. This will make you and your services more trustworthy. It also allows you to extend your reach to a broader audience and generate more qualified leads for your website. 

Additionally, guest posting helps you build high authority and high-quality backlinks for your website. Backlinks and content are some of the most important ranking factors on Google. With the right guest-posting and link-building strategy, you can easily increase your website traffic tenfold. 

4. Explore Social Media

Social media platforms can be quite beneficial for both your SEO and your website traffic. For example, viral content on your social media accounts may help your search engine ranking more so than those with a minor social presence. 

What’s more, sharing relevant content on social networks will build awareness for your SaaS solution, generate new leads, drive more organic traffic to your website, and allow you to directly engage and educate your audience.

In addition to text-based articles, make sure you share visual content as well, such as images of your software, demo videos, and so on. Visual content can generate more engagement, shares, likes, and views than articles. 

Also, consider leveraging some help from an influencer to help boost awareness about your software. That would allow you to reach a wider audience and generate more traffic from various promotions.

Adopt SEO for SaaS Company Strategies 

SaaS solutions have become increasingly popular these days as they are more convenient than traditional software solutions. However, their popularity has made the market more competitive. 

To generate enough web traffic for your SaaS, you must cut through the noise and build enough visibility to stand out from the others. One of the best ways to do that is to have an effective SEO strategy. 

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