If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ve seen quite a bit about sales productivity in the last few weeks. And for good reason— today’s business environment is incredibly competitive. So, to get you in the right frame of mind and prepare you for sales success—we’re giving you more than 15 of the best blog posts about sales productivity.

This list includes some of our own blog posts, as well as some great posts from other businesses. From quick tips and hacks to more long-term strategies, these posts offer a variety of valuable insights to help you boost your sales productivity.

6 Outdated Sales Techniques That Hurt Your Productivity

Have you ever felt your productivity slipping, despite the fact that you’re putting in the same amount of effort you always have?  Have you ever wondered, “If I’m working as hard as before, why I am accomplishing less?”

If you answered yes to the questions above, your sales process may be out of date. Strategies that worked five years ago just aren’t as effective now—and if you don’t abandon your bad habits, your sales productivity will suffer.

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4 Scary Smart AI Tools That Will Boost Sales Productivity

Every salesperson on the planet has the same problem—and there’s only one way to solve it.

The problem is: we haven’t yet invented cloning, so one sales professional can only do the work of one person. Buyers don’t want salespeople breathing down their necks, but they do require them to be on-call when they have questions, need education, or want to buy, and they expect resources and messages personalized to them, not some generalized market segment. Buyers want all this whenever and wherever they please, across channels and devices.

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6 Techniques for Improving Your Team’s Sales Productivity

Want to ramp up sales but feel like it’s always an uphill battle to reach your targets? You’re not alone. Sales productivity is the #1 challenge for almost 65% of B2B organizations, according to research from The Bridge Group.

Only 33% of inside sales rep’s time is actively spent selling, according to CSO Insights. With only a third of a sales rep’s time spend actively selling, it’s no wonder reaching sales targets is such a challenge. But what that also means is that there’s an opportunity to increase productivity with the other two thirds of their time.

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3 Key Sales Productivity Metrics

Sales is a numbers game. And more often than not, those numbers exclusively revolve around revenue. That’s why, when sales leadership looks at their team’s activity to measure productivity, common sales productivity metrics include:

Number of actions (calls/emails) per day: How many times have sales reps tried reaching out to potential buyers?

Opportunity creation: How many opportunities, for how much potential revenue, are a result of sales reps’ activity?

Closed won/lost business: Looking down the funnel, what’s the aggregate close rate of qualified opportunities?

Here’s the problem with the above sales productivity metrics: Sales productivity should be measured by KPIs that depict both the effectiveness of outreach and the efficiency at which reps perform those tasks. But the analysis and subsequent insight gained from these metrics focus too much on effectiveness and largely ignore day-to-day activities, which impede efficiency.

With all that said, let’s walk through three advanced sales productivity metrics which reveal strengths and weaknesses within the entire sales process.

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18 Sales Planning Tools to Boost Sales Productivity and Close More Deals

Sales always has been, and always will be, about closing the deal.

But, sales professionals cannot rely on cold calls and haphazard prospect visits if they want to meet their sales goals and make it into the top 10%. In reality, sales professionals and managers need to have access to the best available sales planning tools to help them boost sales productivity and close more and bigger deals.

I’ve compiled a list of 18 sales planning tools, listed here in no particular order, which can help you organize your sales process and plan calls, routes, and territories with greater efficiency.

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4 Sales Enablement Tools to Increase B2B Sales Productivity

Sales productivity. For a B2B organization, there is no metric more important. On a basic level, sales productivity is the rate at which a salesperson secures revenue for a business.

A recent shift in the buyer’s journey has led to a staggering decrease in productivity.  This is because B2B buyers have more control than ever before. In fact, studies show that buyers are able to complete nearly 57% of the customer’s journey before even signaling their interest in a product or service (source).

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10 Right-Away Sales Productivity Hacks

It’s no secret that sales representatives are often working in stressful environment. Whether it’s the matter of time or profession, it is not that easy to cope with that much workload and stress related to different reasons and it is never that hard to start doing small things that can make much effect in terms on increasing your personal and professional productivity.

These ready-to-go pieces of advice are certain enough to be used with no further delay and are common enough to fit almost everyone.

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The 15 Habits of Highly Productive People

No one wants to procrastinate. No one wants to feel stressed. No one wants to face distractions every day. Yet we do. Myself included.

But what about the most successful people in the world?

How do they stay sane? Surely, they must face distractions every day. What are the habits that keep them focused? That’s the exact question we set out to discover.

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The Impact of Direct Dials on Sales Productivity

Often, sales reps who fail to hit the phones hard, wonder how they missed their quota. That said, not all sales outreach is created equal. Consider the following:

  • When dialing a direct dial phone number at the director level, your SDR is 46% more likely to connect (source).
  • On top of that, when dialing a direct dial number at the VP level, your SDR is 147% more likely to connect (source).

The lesson here is clear: while access to direct phone numbers will not alleviate every pain point related to sales outreach, chances of connecting with prospects is significantly higher compared to calling into company switchboards.

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How AI Will Increase Sales Productivity

According to Cirrus Insight, the average sales rep spends only two days per week selling and interacting with customers. How many more deals could a salesperson close with twice the time for selling activities? In the next several years, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) may help us answer that question. We’ll soon live in a world where machines can accurately predict which deals are most likely to close, how long they’ll take to close, and what actions to take at each step of the buyer’s journey.

In the infographic below, we take a deeper look at how ML and AI will improve sales productivity across the retail, manufacturing, and education sectors. We also explore what sales leaders can do today to set their teams up for success in an increasingly automated workplace.

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Slack for Sales Teams: Boost Productivity & Increase Sales

Want to make your salespeople more effective and efficient at closing deals — all while decreasing time in meetings and the emails in your inbox? Your sales team needs Slack.

The messaging app (available for desktop and mobile) is an intuitive way to receive automated updates on prospects. It also streamlines your sales team’s ability to share and access helpful tips and strategies with each other.

Ultimately, Slack gives your team more time to prospect, speak with potential clients, and close bigger deals. Here are eight ways your team can win with Slack.

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Set Aside 20 Minutes a Day to Reset Yourself and Boost Sales Productivity

There are so many things that must be done throughout any given sales day that it’s enough to make you go mad with frustration. As the clock ticks, the pressure mounts. It comes not only at the office, but it follows you home, and even on vacation. In sales, it feels like you never get a break.

Despite all your daily stress, we’re here to tell you that you can change all that negative energy into a more productive you by dedicating only 20 minutes a day to yourself. So if you can spare just 20 minutes for yourself each day and want to be a more productive salesperson as a result, read on.

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Should There Be a Trade-Off Between Good Data and Productivity?

There is an old Zig Ziglar quote that says: “The top salesperson in the organization probably missed more sales than 90% of the sales people on the team, but they also made more calls than the others made.” As motivational as this can be, it sounds more like something a sales rep would say to get out from administrative work, such as adding data to your CRM system.

This is something that sales managers have dealt with time and again. Data input, crunching numbers, reporting and the like are deemed as secondary tasks that only keep sales reps from doing their actual jobs, which is to sell.

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4 Myths About Sales Productivity

As the B2B landscape changes and evolves, companies continue to ask themselves the question – how can we improve sales productivity?

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions woven into the fabric of today’s B2B sales culture. Until these incorrect beliefs and practices are corrected, sales reps won’t achieve their productivity goals. So follow along as we break down some of the biggest myths about sales productivity.

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10 Scientifically Proven Tactics to Stay Productive This Year

We all have 24 hours in a day — and we all have room to improve our productivity. At the onset of this new year, many of us will set goals and resolutions to be more productive, whether that’s by closing more deals, increasing our email marketing open rates, or improving our customer service.

There’s no shortage of self-help articles on making the most of every hour. But how do you know what will actually work? Hint: It’s science.

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Key Takeaways about Sales Productivity

As you can see, there are many different strategies and workflows to help salespeople become more productive. There’s not one quick fix or universal tactic that will work for everyone. That’s why it’s important for salespeople to broaden their perspectives and consider many different techniques.

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