Interest in the logistics and transport industry has steadily diminished. And as the current workforce ages, recruiters are scrambling to fill positions.

According to a recent global study, 75% of logistics and supply chain businesses have been affected by skill shortages, with 22% affected either highly or critically. So how can logistics companies combat this skill shortage (source)?

Here are the top five recruiting tips to encourage more young people to work in logistics:

1. Use candidate personas to target your employer branding

Candidate personas are profiles of recruiters’ ideal candidates. By conceptualizing the traits, characteristics, and behaviors of these perfect employees, recruiters can speak to their motivators.

Today, boilerplate job descriptions just don’t cut it. You need to be engaging and informative to capture the attention of new working professionals. With personas, this is no problem. Recruiters can even tailor branding to candidates’ top concerns, and reach potential hires on their preferred channels.

2. Build relationships with schools

Developing relationships with schools and adult education centers is another way to encourage young people to work in logistics. This strategy helps you build awareness of the industry, as well as your own company.

For managerial positions, partner with business schools that have programs in supply chain management. In addition, you can recruit more truck drivers through vocational schools, community colleges, and adult education programs. Trust us, this is one of the best recruiting tips on the list. When you offer paid internships or apprenticeships, people can see why a career in logistics is rewarding.

3. Improve employee benefits

While a competitive salary is important, consider other ways to improve employees’ quality of life.

Millennials are worried about their future financial security, as 81% of them have at least one long-term debt (source). For this reason, a robust retirement program with employer matching can help attract new talent. Generation Y also looks for work/life balance, so consider a flexible or unlimited paid-time-off policy. Remember, the more unique the perk, the better.

4. Create a dynamic corporate culture

Forget outdated recruiting tips: salary is no longer the most important incentive for younger generations. When recruiting young talent, companies with a fun and social culture will always be ahead of the pack.

At the end of the day, Gen Yers want to know that their work has meaning and purpose. Treat them as individuals and work together to create opportunities for professional development.

5. Be innovative

Young people are naturally attracted to innovative companies. But if asked to name such companies, most people would be hard pressed to think of any LSPs or 3PLs.

Stay up to date on industry best practices and top tools. Millennials were born amidst the tech boom, so they won’t want to work for a company that still uses the yellow pages to find new business. Beyond recruiting, knowledge of the latest technologies will also help you keep your competitive advantage in a rapidly consolidating industry.

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