4 Common Myths about Sales Productivity

sales productivityEvery B2B sales rep wants to be more productive so they can hit their quota that much faster. But when asked how to best accomplish this goal of increasing sales productivity, many sales reps seem to be at a loss.

This should come as no surprise, given the number of misconceptions still exist about sales productivity today. Let’s dispel them once and for all.

Continue reading to learn about the top four sales productivity myths, debunked:

You Should be Glued to Your Email:

It’s tempting to check your email as soon as you get to the office. And then again the next hour…and the hour after that, in case something urgent came up. But taking this type of start and stop approach can impede your progress throughout the day.

Our recommendation: don’t procrastinate any longer. Build a to-do list, and focus on high-priority items first. Then block off specific times on your calendar to accomplish other tasks, like answering those pesky emails.

There’s No Time for a Break:

With this sort of mentality, it’s no wonder why sales development representative (SDR) burnout rates are so high. In fact, the average tenure for an SDR is 14 months, but 3.6% barely make it through the first 6 months (source: Ambition). And more than 1 in 10 companies experience turnover rates in excess of 55% annually (source: The Bridge Group).

B2B sales is already a high-stress job; don’t make it any harder than it needs to be. Seriously, it’s okay to leave your desk sometimes. Take a walk around the office. Get a bit of fresh air. Or even just talk to your coworkers. After 15 minutes or so, you’ll have more energy to tackle any tasks at hand.

You Can’t Have Too Many Tools:

Did you know 50% of sales development organizations leverage 5 or more technology applications (source: TOPO)? With all these technologies in place, you’d think that productivity would soar. But in reality, having to balance this many tools can prove to be a time suck.

It’s fine to use multiple tools, but consider whether they play nicely when adding another into your sales stack. For instance, a market intelligence solution, like ZoomInfo, integrates with other technologies, including Salesforce.com, Marketo, and LinkedIn. So rather than wasting time switching between disparate technologies, reps can streamline their workflow.

More Calls Means More Productivity:

Many reps incorrectly assume that if they pick up the phone more often, they’ll be able to close more deals. Now, we’re not saying there’s no correlation between the amount of sales activity and the amount of revenue generated. There’s just one big caveat: call quality.

Don’t bother dialing switchboard numbers or going through gatekeepers. With a market intelligence tool, like ZoomInfo, you’ll have access to direct phone numbers, which allow you to get in touch with decision makers faster and more efficiently.

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