10 Most Popular Marketing Articles of 2018

popular marketing articlesAlthough the first month of 2019 is nearly over, we’re not quite done reflecting on 2018. For those of you who aren’t regular readers of the ZoomInfo Blog, we spent last week looking back on our most popular content of 2018.

Thus far, we’ve covered the most-read articles for sales professionals and recruiters. Today, we bring this series to a close with the final installment– for marketers, of course.

So whether you’re here to take a walk down memory lane with us, or you’re simply searching for new marketing content, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get into it!

1. Top B2B Lead Generation Statistics for 2018

Millions of companies crowd the B2B universe, vying for the same share of business.  As new companies join the space, existing companies will find it increasingly difficult to generate new leads. As bleak as this sounds for marketers, we remain hopeful.

We’ll go out on a limb and say that, as a marketing practice, lead generation will never go extinct. There will always be prospects who need B2B products or services. That won’t change. What will change, however, is this: Marketers who fail to adapt to the changing B2B landscape will fall behind.

As such, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest lead generation trends, technological advances, and- as always- your customer base. Ready to learn more about the state of B2B lead generation? Keep reading.

Read: Top B2B Lead Generation Statistics for 2018.

2. The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube for B2B Marketing

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has become more than just the most popular video-sharing platform– it’s one of the most popular websites on the internet, period. Consider these statistics (source):

  • Over a billion hours of video content is watched on YouTube every day.
  • YouTube is the third most visited site in the world after Google and Facebook.
  • 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms like YouTube to live television.

Brands that market directly to consumers recognize YouTube as a powerful tool. In fact, studies show consumers are 64% likelier to purchase a product after watching an online video (source). But can B2B marketers use YouTube to the same effect? We say yes!

Today’s blog post offers an in-depth guide to YouTube success for B2B marketers. Let’s get into it!

Read: The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube for B2B Marketing.

3. 9 Great Examples of B2B Brand Storytelling

Nothing captivates an audience like a great story– no matter what industry you work in. In the marketing world, brand storytelling refers to campaigns that use creative narratives to showcase a brand or product. Effective storytelling provides human context to your brand and allows you to connect with your audience on a more emotional level.

Brand storytelling is a staple of B2C content marketing, but it’s less common in the B2B world. The reason is obvious– it’s slightly more difficult to engage your audience emotionally when you’re selling complex solutions to businesses, rather than flashy products to individual consumers.

Storytelling may seem more difficult to pull off in the B2B world, but it’s no less effective. After all, 50% of B2B buyers are more likely to make a purchase if they connect emotionally to a brand (source).

Today’s post shines a spotlight on B2B brands that have used brand storytelling in unique, engaging, and innovative ways. Keep reading!

Read: 9 Great Examples of B2B Brand Storytelling.

4. 78 Customer Engagement Statistics

On the most basic level, customer engagement can be defined as the ongoing relationship between a brand and its customers. And, even though customer engagement is only a piece of the marketing puzzle, it shouldn’t be ignored. Engaged customers spend more money, actively support branding initiatives, and often become your company’s best ambassadors.

No matter how big your company is, the industry you work in, or the products you sell, customer engagement is vital to the growth of your business. For this reason, we put together a list of important customer engagement statistics to guide your customer engagement strategy.

Read: 78 Customer Engagement Statistics.

5. 35+ Marketing Jokes to Brighten Your Day

A little bit of humor can go a long way– even in the marketing world. Today’s marketing professionals must juggle a number of high-priority tasks throughout the day, and often, they find themselves under a significant amount of stress. In these cases, a few lighthearted jokes can ease the tension of the day-to-day marketing job.

And, believe it or not, humor does more than just relieve stress– it can actually make marketers better at their jobs. Scientific studies show that humor and laughter lead to more inspiration and creativity.

In fact, one study shows people are more creative at solving word association puzzles after watching a comedy versus a scary movie or lecture (source).

So we say, stop what you’re doing, take a break, and check out a few of our favorite marketing jokes. Whether your marketing workflow consists of social media, content creation, SEO, event planning, or all of the above, we’ve got a joke for you!

We hope these jokes help lighten your mood, relieve some stress, and maybe even spark some creative marketing ideas. Let’s get into it!

Read: 35+ Marketing Jokes to Brighten Your Day.

6. The Ultimate List of Marketing Podcasts

Ten or so years ago, podcasts were just a blip on the average marketer’s radar. Although the medium existed, it certainly wasn’t as common or as popular as it is today. In fact, 48 million Americans listened to podcasts weekly in 2018—that’s 6 million more weekly listeners than there were just a year ago (source).

Given its rising popularity, podcasting is now an avenue marketers can explore to publish more branded content and reach new audiences. But, it’s also a great resource for marketers who simply want to learn new tips and strategies or find a bit of motivation for their day-to-day efforts.

So if you’re looking for marketing inspiration or just need something new to listen to on the treadmill, today’s blog post is for you.

Read: The Ultimate List of Marketing Podcasts.

7. 3 Examples of Creative B2B Marketing Initiatives

Creativity is a difficult concept to put into words. So, in an effort to demystify the term, we recently took to our blog to discuss marketing creativity—what it is, what it isn’t, and how to achieve it.  But, we didn’t want to leave it at that.

We also thought it would be helpful to provide our readers with examples of truly creative marketing. So if you’re ready for some inspiration, keep reading.

Read: 3 Examples of Creative B2B Marketing Initiatives.

8. 22 Live-Streaming Statistics for B2B Marketers

Live streaming, or the transmission of live video, has taken the world by storm. Whether it’s a friend live streaming their workout routine or a celebrity answering fan questions, the personal nature of live video is innately appealing.

But, because live video is unpredictable and strays from traditional marketing methods, many B2B marketers speculate whether live streaming has a place within their corporate social media strategy.

Read: 22 Live-Streaming Statistics for B2B Marketers.

9. 20 Important Quotes About Personalization in Marketing

Today’s buyers live in a world of information overload. Every day, they see countless brand messages from companies competing to win them over. So as a marketer, it’s important that you know how to cut through the noise to reach your target audience.

For this reason, personalized marketing has become a staple in the modern marketer’s toolbox. Personalized marketing simply refers to the process of tailoring your marketing messages to resonate with a specific individual or group. Recent studies show this trend is here to stay. Consider these statistics (source):

  • 88% of marketers say their customers and prospects expect a personalized experience.
  • 98% of marketers agree personalization helps advance customer relationships.
  • 87% of marketers report a measurable lift from their personalization efforts.

But, don’t just take our word for it – a number of industry experts and thought leaders have preached the importance of personalization in marketing.

Read: 20 Important Quotes About Personalization in Marketing.

10. The Ultimate List of B2B Marketing Tools

B2B marketers manage a number of competing tasks throughout the day. They must execute deliverables, meet deadlines, develop strategy, and measure results—all while avoiding distractions. This begs the question: How does one juggle such a variety of responsibilities?

We’ll let you in on a secret: Your marketing technology stack makes a world of difference when it comes to marketing productivity and efficiency.

Read: The Ultimate List of B2B Marketing Tools.

Key Takeaways About Our Top Marketing Articles in 2018

And there you have it– our top ten most popular marketing articles of 2018. We hope our content inspired your creativity, gave you new ideas, or got you talking about something new this year.

Stay tuned in 2019 as we focus on publishing more high-quality, educational content for marketers, sales professionals, and anyone interested in business growth.

As always, contact ZoomInfo today to learn how our business database is the tool you need to scale and improve your marketing efforts.

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