3 Key Sales Productivity Metrics

sales productivity metrics

Sales is a numbers game. And more often than not, those numbers exclusively revolve around revenue. That’s why, when sales leadership looks at their team’s activity to measure productivity, common sales productivity metrics include:

Number of actions (calls/emails) per day: How many times have sales reps tried reaching out to potential buyers?

Opportunity creation: How many opportunities, for how much potential revenue, are a result of sales reps’ activity?

Closed won/lost business: Looking down the funnel, what’s the aggregate close rate of qualified opportunities?

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Defeating 5 of the Most Common Sales Objections

most common sales objectionsThe following guest post is from TechnologyAdvice, an Inc. 5000 company based in Nashville, Tenn. that is dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of business technology.

Plenty of leads make it to the sales accepted stage, but that doesn’t guarantee they’re ready to buy, or that they’re even receptive to a conversation. Any outbound agent or sales development rep (SDR) will probably tell you they’ve lost count of the unproductive phone calls they make. Continue reading “Defeating 5 of the Most Common Sales Objections”

Top 10 Tips for Executing Successful Webinars

webinarsWebinars are a great way to provide thought leadership and educational content in a visual way to your audience. Oftentimes, webinars are presented on a specific date at a certain time and are recorded for those who couldn’t attend.

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5 Tips for Better Time Management for Sales Reps

time management for sales reps“There’s not enough time…I’m too busy.” Sound familiar? Time management is often difficult for B2B sales reps. In a typical day, sales people have to divide their time between emails, administrative work, aligning with marketing, researching leads, and of course, making phone calls. However, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed.

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