A well-designed nurture campaign can improve your B2B lead generation, allowing you to educate potential buyers until they develop into sales-ready leads.

This strategy can be applied to all campaigns, from whitepapers and webinars to conference follow-ups and current customer engagement.

However, in order to make the most of these different initiatives, you need to have clear processes in place from start to finish.

3 Nurture Campaign Workflows to Kickstart Your Marketing Strategy:

1. The conference attendee nurture campaign workflow:

With hundreds of attendees and a full schedule of events, conferences can be an overwhelming experience. However, they’re also extremely valuable for B2B lead generation. The key is to get a campaign ready to go beforehand. For instance, if you have a list of registrants, you can send an introductory email, such as the one below:

Hi {FirstName},

Are you as excited about the conference as we are? Stop by our booth to learn how we can help you accomplish XYZ.

This places you in a great position to network at the professional event. And after it ends, it’s easy to send a follow-up email thanking people for speaking with you and asking if they have 15 minutes to chat about how your company can help. Bonus points if you include an appropriate piece of content to pique their interest.

2. The content engagement nurture campaign workflow:

You know how they say “content is king”? Well, that’s only true if it’s engaging. Any time you create a nurture campaign, keep your buyer personas in mind. This will help you come up with more relevant topics for your target audience.

Once you’ve picked a topic, the next step is to reach out via email. But before you hit send, segment your database and check in with your sales team. They’ll need to follow up ASAP, and will be able to answer questions more effectively if they understand the content.

Remember, though, this process is not set in stone. The workflow may differ, depending on the makeup of your teams and the specifics of your content marketing campaigns. For instance, we recently started giving webinar leads to our business development representatives, rather than our inbound qualifying team. In addition, we encouraged them to target other contacts at these companies through an account based marketing strategy, which further improved results.

3. The converted customer nurture campaign workflow:

Always make an effort to stay in touch, even after people become customers. After all, if they’re happy, they might purchase from you again or provide a referral. And if not, they can inflict some serious damage through online reviews and social media.

Now, you can resolve issues as they pop up, but it’s much better to be proactive. Our suggestion? Start off on a high-note by welcoming new users and offering them training, which would then continue as they have more time to work with your products.

Another option is to send out a customer e-newsletter, so everyone is aware of your latest resources and product updates. And of course, don’t forget to say thanks! A simple e-card during the holidays can go a long way toward improved business relationships.

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