Live streaming, or the transmission of live video, has taken the world by storm. But, because live video is unpredictable and strays from traditional marketing methods, many B2B marketers speculate whether live streaming has a place within their corporate social media strategy.

Most people are familiar with live streaming in a personal capacity. Whether it’s a friend sharing what they ate for dinner or a celebrity answering fan questions, the intimate nature of live video is innately appealing to most audiences.

If used correctly, live video can generate the same personal, behind-the-scenes appeal for your B2B organization—and as a result, significantly improve your branding, marketing, and social media efforts.

If used incorrectly, however, live video can go wrong— and quickly.  The reasons why live streaming is effective are the same reasons why it can be so risky. Think about it, when you’re live, anything can happen. There are no edits or re-dos. Everything that happens will live online forever.

But, don’t let this scare you. Many businesses have found ways to leverage live video for their company’s benefit. It’s all about preparing and educating yourself and your team ahead of time. So, today, we’ll let you decide for yourself— is live video an effective B2B marketing tactic?

Keep reading for our live streaming infographic!

live streaming infographic

Key Takeaways

And there you have it— our guide to live streaming. We hope you enjoyed this infographic. If you’re looking for more informational content to improve your sales and marketing efforts, check out these infographics:

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