If you’re unfamiliar with dirty data—allow us to introduce you. Dirty data has been plaguing CRMs since they were invented.

Why? Countless people change jobs, names, locations, and contact information every day—in other words, all data has an expiration date.

Your CRM is only as good as the data inside it, so when this information dirties your CRM, your marketing and sales teams waste precious time and money pursuing people who aren’t a good fit for your product or service.

Or perhaps they are a good fit, but your teams don’t have the right information to reach out to them or speak to them (i.e., calling them by the wrong name or job title). This means you risk your company’s—and your salespeople’s—reputation and professionalism on top of wasted revenue. 

In this infographic, we’ll familiarize you with the many causes and consequences of dirty data—plus why it’s worthwhile to invest in clean data.

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Alanna Goodman

Alanna Goodman is a Content Marketing Specialist at ZoomInfo, the leading B2B contact database and sales intelligence solution for go-to-market teams.

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