The Cost of a Bad Hire [Infographic]

the cost of a bad hireA key component of organizational growth is hiring—but, if you hire the wrong candidate you can do more harm than good. Although it’s a drain on resources to replace a bad hire, that’s the least of your worries. In fact, before you even realize you’ve made a bad hiring decision, the wrong person can wreak havoc on your department’s productivity, reputation, results, and even your revenue.

Although a bad hire is an obvious annoyance, it goes beyond that. A bad hire can do real damage.  Today we use our most recent infographic to explain just how drastically the wrong person can impact your success as a company.

Join us as we cover the following topics:

  • How organizations classify bad hires,
  • How long it takes to spot a bad hire, and
  • The root cause of bad hiring decisions.

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The Cost of a Bad Hire

the cost of a bad hire


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