90+ Important B2B Content Marketing Statistics

When executed correctly, content marketing can attract, engage, and retain new customers– Yet, despite the various benefits of content marketing, many B2B organizations have miles to go before they can build a successful content marketing program.

For this reason, we’ve compiled more than 90 content marketing statistics surrounding the current state of B2B marketing.

Keep reading these content marketing statistics for new insights, best practices, and inspiration.

The Importance of Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Maturity

B2B Content Marketing Success

Content Marketing ROI

B2B Content Marketing Challenges

Priorities and Plans


Content Creation and Workflow

Popular Content Types

B2B Content Marketing Distribution

Thought Leadership


Social Media


Final Thoughts about these Content Marketing Statistics

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to scale your current content marketing program, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. We hope these content marketing statistics will help!

Remember, not all content is created equal. To be successful with content marketing, businesses must focus on creating something valuable for every phase of the buyer’s journey. For more actionable content marketing tips and tricks, we recommend you check out the following blog posts:

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