In 2019, ZoomInfo is taking to Twitter to host a series of 12 Q&A-type discussions. Discussions will dive into topics related to sales, marketing, recruiting, business growth, and of course, data.  The ultimate goal of #ChatZoomInfo is to engage with the diverse group of professionals, customers, and partners who follow ZoomInfo on Twitter.

Whether you’re looking for a daily dose of inspiration or simply want to network with the best in the business, #ChatZoomInfo is for you. Keep reading for important details!

What is #ChatZoomInfo?

Chats will be hosted once a month on a predetermined day and time. These one hour sessions will consist of five questions— tweeted by the ZoomInfo Twitter account (@zoominfo). So, be sure to follow us ahead of time.

Each chat will have a different, dedicated topic that aligns with industry news, B2B trends, or an interesting subject we’d like to pick your brains on. To join in on the fun, simply navigate to the #ChatZoomInfo feed at the time indicated below and answer all questions using the hashtag #ChatZoomInfo.

Each chat will be moderated by a different member of the ZoomInfo team. Hosts can range from subject-matter experts, to budding thought-leaders, to employees with significant experience with the topic at hand.

The 2019 #ChatZoomInfo Line-Up

Listed below are all dates, topics, and details regarding all upcoming Twitter chats. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back in regularly as this information is subject to change.

Data Hygiene: 7/9/19

Time: 12pm- 1pm EST

Moderator: Molly Clarke (@mollyaclarke)

Modern sales and marketing professionals are starting to understand the importance of contact and account data. In fact, it’s become something of a hot commodity. But—what many businesses fail to understand is that data only maintains its value if you prioritize its upkeep.

This Twitter Chat will discuss B2B data decay, the importance of data hygiene, and the many ways in which businesses can better manage their contact data. We welcome all sales, marketing, and operations professionals to join us.

Marketing Personalization: 8/6/19

Time: 12pm-1pm EST

Moderator: Ryan Hadfield (@Hadfield__)

If you’ve worked in marketing for any length of time, you know how important personalization is. The modern customer has an endless amount of options at their fingertips—as a result, companies must make their marketing materials as personalized as they can, just to grab a prospect’s attention. But, there are many conflicting viewpoints surrounding personalized marketing.

This Twitter Chat will discuss the benefits and potential risks of personalized marketing, personalization best practices, and so much more. We hope you join us!

Cold Calling: 9/3/19

Time: 12pm-1pm EST

Moderator: TBD

Even as technological advancements continue to streamline common business practices, cold calling will always be a staple on the sales floor.  Yet, many sales reps consider cold calling one of their least favorite parts of their profession. So, even though B2B cold calling can be effective, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

This Twitter Chat will discuss the future of cold calling, the role it plays in the modern sales organization, and the most effective way to approach your cold calls for maximum impact.  Whether you’re just starting out in sales or manage your own team, we want your input!

Account-Based Marketing: 10/1/19

Time: 12pm-1pm EST

Moderator: TBD

Although the buzz surrounding account-based marketing has certainly died down, ABM has proven to be more than a passing trend. This new and innovative form of marketing requires the skillsets and expertise of a variety of departments. Although effective, ABM can be difficult to get right the first time around.

This Twitter Chat will look at the history of ABM, how to get ABM right, and so much more. This chat is perfect for all sales, marketing, and operations professionals. Join us!

Candidate Response Rates: 11/5/19

Time: 12pm- 1pm EST

Moderator: TBD

Candidate response rate refers to the percentage of candidates who respond to a recruiter’s outreach efforts.

Tracking and analyzing candidate response rates can help recruiters tailor their candidate sourcing strategy in a variety of ways. Candidate response rate can tell you which channels are most effective, which messaging resonates best with your audience, and when candidates are most likely to respond.

This Twitter Chat will help participants understand the importance of candidate response rate, provide helpful ways to increase candidate response rates, and so much more. Please join us!

Technographic Data: 12/3/19

Time: 12pm- 1pm EST

Moderator: Patrick Shea (@PatSheaZoominfo)

On the most basic level, technographics are the essential technologies and tools organizations use to run their business. Think everything from CRM to auto-dialers. Beyond that basic definition, technographics can also include information about how and when your prospects use their technology.

This Twitter Chat will discuss the role technographic data plays in the modern sales process. We’ll speak to participants about how they use technographic data, where to find this information and real-world applications of technographic data in sales prospecting. Join us!

Lead Management: 1/7/20

Time: 12pm- 1 pm EST

Moderator: TBD

The lead management process looks different from company to company. But, one thing is certain: Effective lead management is critical to the success of each and every B2B business.

This Twitter Chat will discuss the different processes that make up lead management—like lead scoring, CRM organization, and lead routing. We will also discuss lead management best practices, different ways to optimize your lead management workflow, and so much more. Sales, marketing, and operations professionals are all welcome!

Past #ChatZoomInfo Sessions

While you’re eagerly awaiting the next Chat, check out the topics we’ve covered so far. These Chats may have wrapped up, but we hope they continue to provide you with the valuable insights and inspiration you’re looking for!

B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment: 2/5/19

Moderator: Hila Nir (@Hila.Nir)

Sales and marketing alignment is critical to the success of the modern B2B business. Yet, it can be difficult to bridge the divide between sales and marketing departments. If the two concentrations work independently, the end result is resentment and frustration—ultimately impacting your ability to generate revenue.

This Twitter Chat discussed the importance of alignment and gave industry professionals the opportunity to weigh in on the tools they use to achieve sales and marketing alignment.

Business Blogging: 3/5/19

Moderator: Molly Clarke (@mollyaclarke)

If done successfully, B2B blogging can be enormously effective at driving organic traffic to your website, engaging potential buyers, and generating high-quality leads for your sales team. But—consistent, high-quality blogging isn’t easy.

This Twitter Chat discussed the ins and outs of B2B blogging, tips and tricks for producing high-quality content, and the role business blogging plays in a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Social Selling: 4/2/19

Moderator: Will Frattini (@wfratt687)

Social selling has quickly become one of the most popular and effective selling tactics. As social media grows in popularity, more businesses take to social media platforms to reach their customers and prospects.

This Twitter Chat explored the role social media plays in sales, social selling best practices, and quick tips for mastering the art of social selling.

Passive Candidate Sourcing: 5/7/19

Moderator: Scott Wallask (@Scott_MarTech)

Any seasoned recruiter knows the best job candidates are often already employed. But, that doesn’t mean passive candidates aren’t worth pursuing. Passive candidates– or, candidates who are currently employed and not actively seeking a new job– are an essential component of any comprehensive recruiting strategy.

This Twitter Chat discussed the benefits of passive candidate sourcing, the tactics you need to do so, and the different tips and tricks you need to compete in a highly-competitive hiring market. We welcome input from all recruiting professionals and hiring managers in any role.

Sales Enablement: 6/4/19

Moderator:  Hila Nir (@HilaNir)

Sales enablement refers to the process of providing a sales team with the resources they need to succeed. This process involves a variety of personnel and a significant amount of communication—if executed effectively, sales enablement can transform the most average sales team into high performers.

This Twitter Chat took a comprehensive look at the current state of sales enablement—the tools you need, the people involved, and how to do it correctly.

Remember to check back in regularly as we finalize more details for our upcoming Chats. We hope you can join us!

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