In today’s digital world, recruiters use a variety of platforms for candidate sourcing. But, there’s one place that nearly all applicants will end up: The career page on your company website.

In fact, recent studies show that 77% of job seekers visit company websites to look for jobs, and career sites are the top source of hires at 27.35% (source).

But, with the rise of social media and other recruiting platforms, many companies neglect their career page. If you haven’t looked at your career page recently, today’s blog post is for you!

We give you our top tips to build better career page content and bring in more qualified applicants. Keep reading!

1. Use a simple, eye-grabbing design.

Your career page serves as the first impression of your company for many candidates. And, nothing turns people away like a cluttered, unappealing design. Unfortunately, this is where some companies make a mistake– they fall into the trap of overcrowding their careers page with information, and thus sacrificing the visual appeal of the page. We recommend you keep your career page simple and clean to capture the attention of top candidates—focus only on the information that matters to potential hires.

Let’s look at a few ways you can improve the visual design of your careers page:

Keep your copy short and impactful: Convey your employer brand and company values with memorable, concise messaging.

Include photos and slideshows: The photos on your career page should differentiate your company from your competitors. Avoid stock photos of anonymous employees sitting in a conference room. Use images that showcase your real employees and paint an accurate, unique picture of your company culture.

Leverage the power of video: Videos are 5.33 times more effective than text in terms of keeping visitors on a site (source) and they can contribute to a successful career page. Short of an in-person visit, a video provides the best way to show candidates what your work environment really looks like.

2. Make it personal by featuring employees.

Let’s face it: most career pages look alike. Since your ideal candidate will likely check out many different companies, you want yours to resonate. So, strive to make your page as personal as possible.

Showcase your employees to add some personality to your careers page. Highlight specific employees through photos, videos, and brief testimonials where they explain what they love most about working at your company.

3. Optimize your page for search engines.

A well-designed career site will only produce results if candidates can find it. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be at the forefront of your strategy. Of course, SEO is a multifaceted strategy that takes a significant amount of time and effort to master. But, here are some basic steps recruiters you can take to optimize your career page:

Perform keyword research: To improve the organic traffic to your career page, you must optimize the content with keywords top candidates are actively searching for. Research the top keywords in your industry and optimize your page to include these specific words and phrases.

Optimize your page for mobile: The hiring process has become increasingly mobile-driven, but many companies have yet to catch up to this trend. Only 13% of companies are adequately investing in mobile recruiting, despite the fact that 52% of candidates use their mobile phones to apply for jobs (source).

Pay attention to website analytics: Google Analytics and other free tools can help you measure the performance of your career page using a number of important metrics. If you haven’t used web analytics in the past, be sure to check out the following post: The Recruiter’s Guide to Web Analytics.

4. Provide an easy application process.

The ultimate goal of your career page is to attract top talent and to facilitate a smooth application process for potential candidates. Yet, too many companies lose out on applicants because their career page doesn’t provide a quick and easy path to apply for an open role.

For this reason, you must prominently feature your open positions and clearly explain the steps needed to submit an application. The application process itself should be brief and straightforward. For example: don’t ask candidates to re-enter the information on their resume. Provide fields to submit their application materials (resume, cover letter, work samples) and leave out any unnecessary steps that will waste their time—the candidates and your candidate contact database will thank you!

5. Consult current employees.

When building out your career page, it’s important to think like a candidate rather than a recruiter. After all, your goal is to attract the best possible candidates, so an employee’s perspective should factor into the content of your page.

Think about it, your employees were once candidates, and something about your employer brand convinced them it was a place they wanted to work. Talk to your employees and uncover the factors that led them to apply for and ultimately accept a role at your company. Then, you can use their responses to inform the content you feature on your careers page.

6. Update your careers page regularly.

Your company career page isn’t a static project. Candidates will visit your page multiple times. They shouldn’t find the exact same content and design they saw a year ago.

Revisit your career page regularly so that it never grows stale or outdated. You don’t need to completely redo your page– but you should update it with new content throughout the year. And, make sure that the job listings on your page are always up-to-date. Don’t create a poor candidate experience by listing positions that are no longer available.

Key Takeaways to Improve Your Career Website

An effective career page must accomplish many tasks at once. It must represent your company culture, set candidate expectations, and encourage ideal candidates to apply for open positions.

The more time and effort you put into this page, the more effective it will be. Remember, your company is unique, so there’s no template or formula to building a phenomenal career page. We say, don’t be afraid to get creative!

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