Sales and football have a lot in common. If you’re among the many readers who just rolled their eyes—hear me out! Both activities are games of strategy and neither your reps nor your team will win big without the right resources.  Among other factors, both require a good coach, lots of practice, a sense of urgency, the drive to win, incredible focus, and insight into the competition. I could continue, but I’ll do us both a favor and leave it at that.

In both sales and football, there’s one major obstacle that stands in the way of winning—and that’s the other team’s defense.  In sales, the other team your prospect and their defensive line is an objection to your sales pitch.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a sales rookie, you already know objections are an unavoidable part of your job. Yet, there are many tactics you can use to bypass these objections. If you’re ready to learn more, keep reading. Today we share the five biggest sales objections and how you can bypass them to win a deal.

The Sales Rep’s Guide to Beating a Prospect’s Defense

beating a prospects defense

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