Out with the Funnel, In With the Flywheel: The Modern Buyer’s Journey


As human beings, we’re naturally inclined to regard change with a sense of skepticism. But, sales and marketing organizations must resist this instinct in order to constantly adapt to changing markets, new technologies, emerging trends and so on.

But, there’s one business concept that’s stood the test of time like no other. It’s a model so deeply ingrained in modern strategies that most businesses don’t even think to question it. We’re speaking, of course, of the sales funnel.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Account-Based Selling

what is account-based selling framework

Account-based selling isn’t a new concept– but it’s recently exploded as a common practice in sales and marketing circles. Although many predicted the account-based framework would be nothing more than a short-lived trend, it’s actually proven to be a highly effective sales strategy. In fact, 86% of sales and marketing professionals have begun using targeted account strategies to generate new business for their companies (source).

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Sales Team Support: A Guide for Managers

sales team supportEvery sales manager wants their team to be successful– but sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Sales reps face a number of obstacles that can keep them from their goals and it’s your job as their manager to help them overcome these challenges. To put it simply, sales reps are only as effective as their managers enable them to be.

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13 Compelling Statistics About Technographic Data and B2B Sales

technographic data statistics

Technographic data is having its moment in the B2B sales world. But unlike other passing sales trends, it looks like technographic data is here to stay. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, technographic data refers to the data points surrounding the core tools and technologies a company uses to conduct day-to-day business.

Technographic data provides necessary context to important selling activities– enabling sales organizations to close more deals, faster.

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3 Takeaways from ZoomInfo’s 2019 Technographic Data Report

technographic data

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of technographics, allow us to explain. The term technographic data, or technographics, refers to the essential technologies and tools a business uses to function. Beyond that basic definition, more robust technographic data contains insight into purchase behavior, renewal dates, historical purchases and more.

In the B2B world, technographic data points often serve as critical buying signals. Consider how helpful it would be to have access to a list of companies that recently ended contracts with your biggest competitor. Most importantly, you’d have a list of highly-qualified, sales-ready prospects to reach out to.

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The B2B Sales Rep’s Guide to Getting Past Gatekeepers

b2b salesSales reps often refer to receptionists, assistants, and phone operators as gatekeepers—and for good reason. These professionals have the job of screening calls, deciding what’s important, and ultimately, who gets through to their boss—the decision maker.

Essentially, gatekeepers hold the key to B2B sales success. If you can’t convince a gatekeeper you’re important, you can kiss that sale goodbye. If this is something you struggle with, have no fear. Today we uncover six methods to help you bypass gatekeepers and reach prospects faster. Keep reading!

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The Definitive Guide to Lead Qualification Marketing

lead qualification marketingIn marketing, it’s common knowledge that lead quality is generally more important than lead quantity. And yet, marketing lead qualification remains a sticking point for many organizations. In fact, 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, but only 27% are sales qualified (source).

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How to Make a Sales Team More Productive: A Guide for Marketers

how to make a sales team more productiveIt’s no secret, sales and marketing teams don’t always work well together. In fact, research shows that 53% of sales professionals are unhappy with the support they get from marketing (source). This disconnect between departments often happens when alignment between the two teams is less than stellar.

Sales and marketing alignment not only improves the relationship between departments, but it also boosts sales productivity and overall results. Consider these statistics (source): Continue reading “How to Make a Sales Team More Productive: A Guide for Marketers”

3 Times to Avoid Scripted Social Media

scripted social mediaFrom the time social media became a viable marketing channel, B2B companies have been looking for ways to automate social processes.  Although social media tools have made this easier—with features like post scheduling, conversation monitoring, and hashtag tracking—some aspects of social selling can’t be pre-planned.

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