Decay is natural. If you leave anything alone for too long, it will age and, usually, become outdated. 

When it comes to data, this process is considerably speedier.

Data decay happens naturally (and often) due to how regularly people change jobs, titles, companies and beyond.

Because of this, many organizations are working with a B2B database that is outdated, invalid, or incomplete.

Dirty data impacts all areas of an organization, making it critical to regularly clean your data. 

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Data Decay Could Ruin Your B2B Database

Did you know that 50% of B2B businesses are not confident in the quality of their data?

Dun and Bradstreet surveyed more than 250 B2B professionals in businesses of all sizes, across numerous industries for the 6th Annual B2B Marketing Data Report.

They uncovered that:

  • 89 percent of B2B marketers agree that data quality is increasingly important to sales and marketing.
  • 49 percent are not confident in their marketing and sales data and think it’s time for a new solution. 
  • 89% believe data quality drives effective B2B sales and marketing campaigns
  • 88% believe data is crucial for ABM, but only one-third of firms are executing it.

Deep Clean Your B2B Database 

We know that data is changing constantly. When  you consider the sheer volume and variety of data we see every day, you quickly realize that modern data is nothing like the simple firmographics of the past. 

Modern sales and marketing is reliant on more than just data gathering. Your team must be able to derive insights from data sets and then act on this information in new and innovative ways. 

With clean, accurate data, you make sure that you are always targeting the right people ,getting the right insights and acting on them at the right time. 

ZoomInfo can help: 

  • Eliminate obsolete records, 
  • Update missing fields, 
  • Check email validity,
  • Append your B2B data with information like:
    • industry, 
    • company revenue and size, 
    • title, 
    • job function, 
    • management level, 
    • and much more. 

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Data decay happens naturally because of how often people change jobs or titles, companies go out of business, and mergers occur.

Because of this, many organizations are working with a B2B database that is cluttered with outdated, invalid, or incomplete contacts. Dirty data impacts all areas of an organization, including marketing, lead generation, customer relationships, and finance.

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