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1.    7 Ways to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

The success of a B2B organization is often dependent on its ability to generate high-quality leads. As a result, sales and marketing teams are always looking for ways to improve their lead generation efforts.

Yet despite the exponential growth of social media, some B2B companies remain skeptical of its effectiveness as a lead generation tool. If you or your company is hesitant to use social media as a lead generation channel, it’s time to put your reservations aside.

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2.    Personalized Marketing is Key to Success

Fact: Today’s consumers are faced with more buying options than ever before. For a buyer, this highly competitive environment is often a winning scenario. However, for entrepreneurs, this crowded landscape makes small business success more difficult to achieve.

So, how can you differentiate your brand from the competition? Enter personalization, or personalized marketing.

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3.    The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Social Advertising

It’s no secret that social media has become an important part of any B2B marketing strategy. In fact, 93% of B2B marketers report using social media as part of their strategy (source).

However, as social media continues to grow and evolve, it’s become increasingly difficult for marketing teams to produce results with their social media efforts. The reason for this is simple; as more and more businesses jump onto the social media bandwagon, the social sphere becomes increasingly clogged and cluttered.

As a result, today’s social media users face content overload and it’s harder than ever to stand out. If your message doesn’t cut through the social media noise, you’re sure to miss your prospects. So, what’s the solution? Paid social advertising.

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4.    The Beginner’s Guide to a Data-Driven Public Relations Strategy

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: To be successful in the current business climate, companies must have access to high-quality data and the resources with which to analyze it.

If you haven’t already made the shift to data-driven decision making, consider this: Research shows companies that embrace a data-driven culture are three times more likely to be ahead of their competition financially (source).

To truly become a data-driven organization, all departments must be on board—including public relations. Keep reading to learn more.

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5.    Email Marketing List Churn: The Silent Campaign Killer

As a seasoned marketer you already know your email program is only as good as the lists you use. But here’s something you might not know: List churn eats up about 25-30% of the average email list every year (source).

No matter how fast or effectively you build your email lists, they’ll shrink in size if your growth doesn’t outpace your churn rate.  It can feel like a losing battle at times. The good news? Email marketing doesn’t have to be this way.

Today we tell you everything there is to know about list churn and provide you with several ways to combat this silent campaign killer. Keep reading.

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Key Takeaways

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