50+ Business Blog Post Ideas to Win the Internet

blog post ideas

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness. It can create a foundation for engagement with current customers and prospects. But coming up with good blog post ideas can be challenging. It’s difficult to stay inspired, relevant, and creative in B2B marketing.

Staring at a blank, white page can be almost as terrifying as giving a speech. One way to ease blank page syndrome is the writing prompt – a word, phrase, question, photo or other trigger designed to get the creative juices flowing!

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5 Surprising Sources of High-Quality Leads

high quality leadsFor jackpot-winning businesses in hot sectors, high-quality leads just flow in naturally. However, for the majority of organizations, lead generation is a little more complicated than simply whispering you’re open for business.

In today’s digital age, there is a lot of emphasis on generating leads through blogs, emails, social media, Google AdWords, etc. All well and good, but you should also take a step back and focus on the most valuable lead generation weapon of them all – your networks. Continue reading “5 Surprising Sources of High-Quality Leads”

4 Tried and True B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

b2b digital marketing strategySince marketing went digital, the industry hasn’t been the same. Recently, there has been a renewed interest in ‘marketing hacks’ as B2B marketers have started to realize traditional marketing methods are no longer useful in a competitive landscape.

B2B marketers are on a constant search for an effective digital marketing strategy that can give their company a much-needed presence and branding boost. Though the following techniques are by no means revolutionary, they do work and have an important place in your digital marketing tool box. Continue reading “4 Tried and True B2B Digital Marketing Strategies”

Top Marketing Communication Tactics with Chris Voss

marketing communication tacticsCommunication is the conduit for action. During a hostage crisis, the right exchange can quite literally save lives. In the relatively less dangerous world of business, the right communication strategies can save the bottom-line.

Chris Voss is the Founder and CEO of the Black Swan Group Ltd and author of Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It. Chris’s years of experience in international crisis and high-stakes negotiations have helped him develop a unique program of globally proven business communication techniques.

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90+ Important B2B Content Marketing Statistics

content marketing statisticsWhen executed correctly, content marketing can attract, engage, and retain new customers– Yet, despite the various benefits of content marketing, many B2B organizations have miles to go before they can build a successful content marketing program.

For this reason, we’ve compiled more than 90 statistics about the current state of B2B content marketing. Continue reading “90+ Important B2B Content Marketing Statistics”

5 Ways to Generate More Webinar Leads

webinar lead generationSeasoned B2B marketers know a well-executed webinar is a goldmine for sales leads. Just consider these webinar lead generation statistics:

  • 73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads (source)
  • 79% of buyers say they will share information in exchange for webinars (source)
  • 44% of marketers have hosted or participated in a webinar. 87% of those marketers found it to be an effective strategy (source)

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The Power of Web Push Notifications [Infographic]

web push notificationsIf you’re not familiar with web push notifications, here’s a very basic definition: Push notifications are messages that come from an app or website that appear on a subscriber’s desktop computer or mobile device—even if they’re not on that particular company’s website. Businesses everywhere use push notifications to deliver content and important updates to customers and website visitors.

Because web push notifications are a relatively new marketing tool, businesses are still trying to figure out how to leverage this new technology to its full potential. Continue reading “The Power of Web Push Notifications [Infographic]”

How to Recruit Top Talent with Artificial Intelligence

how to recruit top talentFact: Global spending on cognitive and AI systems will reach $57.6 billion in 2021, according to market research firm IDC (source). As adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) grows, innovative ways to use AI in the recruiting field continue to emerge.

Yet, as talk of AI grows, more recruiting professionals have come forward to voice an underlying fear that these systems and technologies will eventually replace human recruiters and completely automate the hiring process. But, we say, recruiters have nothing to fear. In fact, AI can give recruiters a competitive advantage—allowing for a faster, more accurate approach to candidate sourcing. Continue reading “How to Recruit Top Talent with Artificial Intelligence”

8 Best Practices to Protect Your Email Reputation

email reputationYou spend weeks developing your latest email campaign only to receive terrible results. Your bounce rate was astronomical and barely anyone engaged with the campaign. This is a marketer’s worst nightmare. The likely culprit? A bad email reputation.

The best way to ensure the deliverability of your emails is to maintain a healthy email reputation. Internet service providers (ISPs) constantly come up with new ways to block spam- creating a never ending battle for marketers who just want reach their intended audience and protect their company’s sender reputation. Continue reading “8 Best Practices to Protect Your Email Reputation”

Data Decay & B2B Database Marketing [Infographic]

b2b database marketingData decay happens naturally because of how often people change jobs or titles, companies go out of business, and mergers occur. Because of this, many organizations are working with a B2B database that is cluttered with outdated, invalid, or incomplete contacts. Dirty data impacts all areas of an organization, including marketing, lead generation, customer relationships, and finance.

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