The Definitive Guide to a Data-Driven PR Strategy

data driven pr

There’s no way around it, companies that have access to data and the means to analyze said data are often among the most successful. In fact, according to research, companies that have embraced a data-driven culture are three times more likely to be substantially ahead of their competitors financially (source).

On the ZoomInfo blog we often discuss the use of data in sales, marketing, and recruiting. But, to truly be data-driven, a company must back all decisions with accurate and actionable data—including public relations decisions.

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May 2019 B2B Blog Post Round-Up


Welcome to the May edition of the ZoomInfo B2B Blog Post Round-Up series. For those of you who are new to this series, we use each monthly round-up to feature content created by the ZoomInfo writers for outside publications. These blog posts typically explore topics related to B2B marketing, B2B sales, recruiting, or business growth.

Today’s installment features content about getting ahead in your career, personalized marketing, lead generation roadblocks, brand trust, and more! So, without further hesitation, let’s take a look at our favorite B2B content from the month of May.

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6 Common B2B Sales Problems and How to Avoid Them

b2b sales problems

There are so many factors that can stand in the way of exceptional B2B sales performance—poor leadership, lack of organization, no sales process—the list goes on. While some of these problems are easily recognizable, some of the most common obstacles that stand in the way of your success are hard to identify.

Today, we explore some of the more common sales problems—problems you might not even know you’re facing.

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The Sales Manager’s Guide to Selecting a Data Provider

data provider

Although B2B data certainly isn’t the most exciting sales topic– it happens to be one of the most important. After all, account and contact data is the fuel that enables your revenue engine to run smoothly. Without it, your sales team wouldn’t be able to identify, target, and connect with their target prospects and companies.

But, anyone in sales will tell you that finding and maintaining high-quality data is a full-time job. Today, we hope to demystify the process of selecting a B2B data provider and help you answer your most pressing B2B data questions. Like, which provider should I work with? Do I need to work with a provider at all? And, is there really any difference between the companies offering sales intelligence solutions?

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Improve Your B2B Sales Process with Company and Contact Data

company and contact data

True sales productivity boils down to two things: numbers and time. How many calls can you make in a day? How much time do you spend on selling vs. non-selling activities? More specifically, how can you increase your numbers (calls, email, sales, deal size) during the time you spend working each day?

A quick Google search will lead you to plenty of lists claiming to offer the best sales productivity hacks and tricks you need to increase sales productivity. Although many of these tips are valid, the key to improving your B2B sales process is far simpler than you might think– and it comes in the form of company and contact data.

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The Definitive Guide to B2B Emoji Marketing

emoji marketing

My first ever cell phone– an LG flip phone with the heft and aerodynamic properties of a small cinderblock– was a far cry from the sleek smartphones we use today. Not only did my cell phone lack the luxuries of social media, ridesharing apps, and basic internet functionality– but it also came without emojis. That’s right, I had to rely on semicolons, brackets, and other punctuation marks to construct my own makeshift smiley faces.

Now, emojis are commonplace– scattered throughout text messages, social media posts, and emails.  In fact, one study reports 92% of the online population uses emojis (source). But, the question we pose today is this: do emojis have a place in the world of B2B marketing? And, should B2B brands and companies use emojis in their business communications? Or, should we leave the use of emojis to the teenagers of the world?

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Live Video: 18 Reasons to Live Stream [Infographic]

live streaming infographicLive streaming, or the transmission of live video, has taken the world by storm. But, because live video is unpredictable and strays from traditional marketing methods, many B2B marketers speculate whether live streaming has a place within their corporate social media strategy.

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13 Compelling Statistics About Technographic Data and B2B Sales

technographic data statistics

Technographic data is having its moment in the B2B sales world. But unlike other passing sales trends, it looks like technographic data is here to stay. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, technographic data refers to the data points surrounding the core tools and technologies a company uses to conduct day-to-day business.

Technographic data provides necessary context to important selling activities– enabling sales organizations to close more deals, faster.

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7 Tips to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

how to use social media for lead generationThe success of a B2B organization is often dependent on the quantity and quality of leads it has access to. As a result, sales and marketing professionals are constantly looking for new ways to improve their lead generation strategies. In fact, 68% of B2B marketers rank “generating high-quality leads” as their top priority for this year (source).

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