Conferences, networking events, and webinars are all excellent ways to gain new skills, meet new people, and develop as a professional.  With the new year just underway, we thought we’d share a list of professional events we’re looking forward to this year. Keep reading.

B2B Marketing Events:

1.    Conference: The 2018 Growth Acceleration Summit (Boston, MA)

We may be a little biased, but of course, the event we’re most excited for is the 2018 Growth Acceleration Summit! This three-day conference takes place on June 18th-20th in Boston, and will offer valuable strategies and insights designed to help marketing and sales professionals. The 2018 Summit features an all-star lineup of speakers who will all explore this year’s theme: marketing and sales productivity.

Here are the three main reasons we’re excited for this year’s event – and why you should be too:

  • Learn from the best:

The Growth Acceleration Summit brings together the biggest and brightest minds in sales and marketing. You’ll hear from industry legends and experts, best-selling authors and professional coaches. Jay Baer, Neil Patel, Trish Bertuzzi, and Grant Cardone are just a few examples – and there are many more!

  • Network:

Not only will you leave the Growth Acceleration Summit with valuable insights, but you’ll likely leave with new connections. Over the course of the conference, you will attend round-table discussions, workshops, and evening parties. This will give you the opportunity to connect with your fellow marketing and sales professionals and build meaningful relationships.

  • Explore Boston:

It may be snowy and frigid as we write this now – but there’s few better cities to be in the summertime than Boston! Whether you visit Fenway Park, catch a boat on the Boston Harbor or check out our variety of bars and restaurants, you’ll be sure to have a memorable time in Boston.

2.    Event: The B2B Marketing Exchange (Scottsdale, AZ)

We also can’t wait to attend The B2B Marketing Exchange this year! This event is a must-attend for performance marketers managing the complex sales cycles and group buying realities common in B2B industries. Addressing the topics that matter most to B2B—Account Strategies, Messaging Frameworks, Demand Acceleration and Sales Enablement—attendees walk away with actionable insights they can apply to their business to drive engagement and revenue.

The B2B Marketing Exchange takes place from 2/19 – 2/21, and features distinguished speakers ranging from bestselling authors to Facebook and Buzzfeed executives. We can’t wait to hear them address the latest trends in B2B marketing! If you’ll also be attending The B2B Marketing Exchange, don’t forget to stop by our booth and chat with us.

3.     Webinar: Start the New Year Off Right!

Looking to make 2018 your most successful year yet? This webinar will break down how ZoomInfo can improve your marketing campaigns, shorten your sales cycle, and connect you with candidates faster.

Learn how ZoomInfo can power your revenue growth by:

  • Identifying and connecting with your ideal buyers through targeted campaigns
  • Fueling your pipeline with new, targeted leads so you can spend less time prospecting and more time selling
  • Accessing millions of professionals across countless industries to source relevant candidates and fill positions faster

Sign up here and start 2018 off right!

4.    Event: Revenue Summit 2018 (San Francisco, CA)

The Revenue Summit is a one-day event (3/1) that promises to leave both sales and marketing professionals with a ton of new valuable insights. Featuring 3 primary keynote speeches and 14 “actionable breakout sessions”, this is an event we’re excited to attend!

Sales professionals can expect to learn the latest tactical tips on how to ramp reps, grow their team, measure results and explore the sales technologies needed to grow revenue.

Marketers can look forward to the latest insights on how to drive revenue through marketing and sales alignment, account-based marketing best practices, and the latest technologies needed to run these programs at scale.

See you there!

5.    Webinar: ABM Success: The one New Year’s resolution you’ll actually keep

Account-based marketing (ABM) has been a popular trend in recent years, as it has proven to be an effective strategy to close deals faster. You may know ABM works, but have yet to learn how it works and how to implement it for your business. If so, this webinar will have you covered!

On January 17th at 11am PST/2pm EST, ZoomInfo and AdRoll will teach you how to master ABM in 2018 through the following steps:

  • Set up your ABM. Learn how to identify your target accounts
  • Influence with ABM. Find out how to engage your target accounts
  • Measure your ABM. Determine how to understand your campaigns’ impact

Reserve your spot for this valuable crash-course in ABM here!

6.    Event: Marketing United (Nashville, TN)

Taking place from April 9th to 11th, Marketing United features a diverse mix of marketing experts from various industries, including CEOs, award-winning authors, digital storytellers and even a former White House videographer. Add the fact that it takes place in the beautiful city of Nashville, TN, and you’ll see why we’ve got it circled on our calendars.

Attendees get three days of inspiring, hands-on content from the smartest minds in marketing. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll leave with at least one mind-blowing, career-changing, unparalleled moment of your own. In the meantime, check out the highlights from last year to see what it’s all about.

Plus—you can also chat with the ZoomInfo team in person!

7.    Webinar: Guts and Spines: How Brilliant Marketers Start and Scale Their Creativity

If you’ve heard Jay Acunzo speak,  you’ll know why we’re excited for this webinar! Jay will offer an inspiring presentation as he examines the topic of creativity from a fresh, unique angle.

Jay will discuss creativity as a teachable tool rather than an intangible quality. He will break down some of the prolific minds in the business to see what makes them successful.

If you can’t wait to hear Jay speak at the 2018 Growth Acceleration Summit, this presentation takes place on February 13 at 2pm EST. Book your spot here!

Professional Events

And there you have it! Seven exciting professional events we’re looking forward to this year. Will you be joining us at any of them?

For more sales and marketing solutions contact ZoomInfo. Our B2B database has the resources you need to scale your campaigns and increase your success! Or, check out our sales and marketing blog for more posts like this!

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