Let’s get this straight: Your B2B leads have different needs and interests. But after countless conversations, you’ll notice some similarities.

In order to turn more leads into sales, you need to truly understand who you’re speaking with, and how you can help. With this in mind, we put together a list, which outlines how to sell to common lead personalities.

Here are five important types of sales leads and how to sell to them:

The Indecisive One:

Don’t be surprised when you hear “I’m not sure,” or “Ask me again in 6 months.” These B2B leads are simply not ready to make a purchase.

Master the waiting game by enrolling them in lead nurture campaigns. This gives you the chance to provide relevant information and keep in touch until the timing is right. Not only that but leads nurtured with targeted content produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities (source).

The Team Player:

Team Players are extremely common in the B2B industry. In fact, an average of 5.4 people are involved in today’s B2B purchase decisions (source). And with this many people, the sales cycle can drag on.

Don’t wait for Team Players to get back to you. A tool, such as ZoomInfo, can help you reach out to the right contacts. You can then stay in control of sales conversations and get everyone on the same page.

The Paleontologist:

Paleontologists love nothing more than to dig deep and ask tough questions. They’re looking for “The Big Picture,” and won’t rest until they understand how your products and services fit in.

Satisfy their natural curiosity with resources, including data sheets, whitepapers, videos, and case studies. In other words, help them with their research. Then sit back and listen, so you can address any concerns.

The Frustrated Customer:

Frustrated Customers are well aware of their pain points. Now, they’re looking for a solution.

If you can help them, that’s great! But remember, these types of B2B leads are unhappy, and may be skeptical of products that seem too good to be true.

Take a lesson from your high school English teacher and show, don’t tell. With access to a free trial, frustrated customers can see how you really stand out from the competition.

The Perfect Fit:

Ideal buyers are different for every company, so you may not recognize them right away. But don’t get discouraged.

To spot the Perfect Fit in your database, identify your buyer personas. These detailed profiles are based on characteristics of your best buyers, from their titles to their job functions, company sizes, and industries. With this insight, you can save time and focus on more high-quality leads.

No matter which B2B leads you’re dealing with, ZoomInfo can help. Get access to direct-dial phone numbers, email addresses, background information, and more. Contact ZoomInfo today.

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