Every sales rep wants the secret to cold calling success, so they can connect with prospects and close deals faster. While there is no magic formula for cold calling, it does get easier if you keep the following “secrets” in mind.

The key to cold calling success:

1. Success starts with research

Before you even pick up the phone, analyze your B2B data to identify your buyer personas. Your marketing team and current customers can offer additional insight into who your best buyers are and what they want. Remember, the contacts on your list should match your target demographic.

The next step is to put together a list of solutions to common pain points. In other words, find some information to break the ice during a cold call.

2. The goal is not a sale

Building relationships is an important part of cold calling success. Come up with a goal for your conversation, whether it’s booking a meeting or getting prospects to enroll in a free trial. But don’t get ahead of yourself; the point of a cold call is an introduction. It’s not the time to try to close a deal.

3. Use a direct dial phone number

Getting past gatekeepers is a major challenge. Receptionists, secretaries and other office staff won’t pass you along to a decision maker without good reason.

Using a direct dial phone number leads to a much higher rate of contact and greater cold calling success than dialing into a main office. It’s always best to call a prospect’s direct line, but that number is hard to find. A B2B database tool can help.

4. You need persistence

The average sales rep only makes two attempts to follow up with a prospect (Source: SiriusDecisions). Stand out from the pack with polite persistence. Follow up via phone and email and don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back right away.

Another tip: always personalize your email and voicemail follow ups. If you use a script or a generic email template, prospects won’t respond.

cold calling secrets

Cold Calling Secrets: Key Takeaways

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