ZoomInfo for Small Businesses

One of the biggest challenges Small Businesses face is acquiring new customers or leads. Having once been a small business owner myself, I couldn’t emphasize this more. You might have heard about many strategies and tools that are available in the market for lead generation. But the problem is that as a small business, working with these tools is often difficult, as you have a number of limitations, such as finite manpower, infrastructure constraints and limited budget.

We at ZoomInfo have long been thinking about the ways we can help small businesses in generating leads while keeping in mind the constraints that small businesses have. Our team sat down to brainstorm and jot down the features that are must haves in the new product –

Ease of use – A tool is useless for a small business if it requires a significant level of training, skill or ramp up period. Small businesses do not have various departments for different functions. Most likely, one employee is responsible for more than one function. Thus, it is important that the product we provide is so intuitive and effortless to use that businesses would know how to use the product from day 1.

An unparalleled database – ZoomInfo has been a leader when it comes to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of people and companies. We knew that the small businesses would love to have an access to such leading database.

Deep segmentation – Businesses exist in all shapes and sizes. We know that and value this fact. Data is powerful but only when it is right kind of data. We knew it would be important for our small businesses to filter the results not just by location and revenue, but also by job function, management level and status of the business.

Integrated social profile – In a recent survey, it was found that more than 80% of small businesses are using at lease one of the social media platforms. Social media is becoming an important marketing tool by each passing day. Thus, we were convinced that having social media profiles integrated with our database would be appreciated by the small businesses, as it would allow the businesses to research their leads as best as possible. All the information you want to know about your leads is therefore made available in the most comprehensive manner so that you do not have look anywhere else to do the research.

PRICE – Price is an important factor in any business decision. With small businesses, it is even more important that the price of a tool can be justified. We knew that the tool we provide has to offer a value that is unbeatable but at the same time it should be cost efficient. One price fits all can not be our strategy and the price would have to adapt with the businesses needs.

We have been working hard to optimize the product and to meet the needs of a small business. And we need your opinion to make sure that our product helps you in the ways that we had set out for. Thus, we are calling all our readers to take a quick 2 minute survey and help us in the process. If you work for or own a small business, we want to hear from you –


This is a collaborative effort, and we want to thank everyone who has helped us along the way. We will keep you updated on the launch of our product that is especially designed for small businesses.