What is ZoomInfo Community Edition?

ZoomInfo is a leader in the business data industry because our technology enables us to find, assemble and offer business information that is of the latest variety. The 2,000 business and 25,000 employee profiles created on a daily basis are culled from publicly available business information from across the internet. In addition to this we also utilize the contributions of subscribers to our free product offering, ZoomInfo Community Edition,  to further ensure that our data is the most current on the market.

The ease of gaining full access to our database is truly unrivaled. With a simple download and installation of the free ZoomInfo Contact Contributor, users gain complete access to ZoomInfo’s continuously-updated, multi-source database of 5 million companies and 50 million professionals.

Simply put,  the Contact Contributor accesses your Outlook account and intelligently reads the information about your business contacts. This contact information is then brought into the ZoomInfo database where it is used to create new profiles or to update existing ones.

It needs to be noted that the only information ZoomInfo accesses is that of your business contacts. Nothing relating to the content of emails, calendars or any other personal information will be collected from you. Nor does the ZoomInfo Contact Contributor modify any of your information under any circumstance. Because ZoomInfo believes that only Business information should be publicly available, the Contact Contributor is only compatible with Microsoft Outlook and not other email providers that are primarily for personal use.

As long as you keep the Contact Contributor on your computer and regularly use Outlook to send and receive business-related emails, you are entitled to full access to the ZoomInfo database and the myriad of intelligence it can offer your business. If you stop using Outlook or stop contributing, your access will expire.

Click the link for more information about ZoomInfo Communty Edition!

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ZoomInfo offers the most accurate and actionable B2B contact and company intelligence to help organizations accelerate growth and profitability. Their Growth Acceleration Platform enables sales and marketing teams to execute more effective marketing campaigns and improve sales prospecting efforts with access to on demand direct dial phone numbers, email addresses, and background information.

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