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Accelerate Your Growth with ZoomInfo at the B2B Content2Conversion Conference


ZoomInfo is sponsoring the B2B Content2Conversion Conference in sunny Scottsdale, AZ from February 15-17. If you’re attending, come chat with our team!

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Top Trends in Logistics for 2016 [Infographic]

The shipping industry is fraught with new challenges every day: labor shortages, technology gaps, and more. Though, it’s not all bad news. The logistics industry as a whole has reported growth across the world. But to ensure even more growth in the New Year, managers need to stay on top of these developing challenges.

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6 Ways Financial Advisors Can Compete with Robo-Advisors


Robo-advisors are to financial planning as Uber was to taxi services: disruptive. According to a report by MyPrivateBanking, assets being managed by all registered investment advisors now total around $5 trillion, with robo-advisors managing roughly $14 billion of those assets. If not already a cause for concern, this amount is set to increase over the next few years.

Millennials are the greatest source of future growth for financial advisors, but many of them are choosing to get their advice from robo-advisors or forgo any formal planning altogether. In order to help planners get a bigger share of the Millennial market, here are the top 6 tips on how financial advisors can woo millennials away from robo-advisors.

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10 Ways to Build an Employer Brand You Can Be Proud Of

employer-brandOne of the biggest trends in recruiting is employer branding. Now, more than ever, companies are turning their attention to building a better employer brand to help attract the top talent and grow their business. But what are the changes necessary to let candidates view your business in a better light? Read on for a list of the top 10 tactics to help you improve your employer brand!

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Tools to Improve Your Sales Stack


Gone are the days of the rolodex and hours of follow up. Intelligent dialers, email templates and inbound sales tools minimize obstacles and increase the efficiency of the sales process each step of the way. These technologies make up what is known as a sales stack, the tools used by sales professionals to support their efforts and boost performance. Read More


7 Ways Dirty Data Is Hurting Your Bottom Line

Dirty data doesn’t just hurt productivity, it’s harmful to your business, making it impossible to grow. Research shows U.S. companies lose more than $600 billion each year because of poorly managed data. It’s time to stop ignoring the problem and start investing in a solution to protect the health of your contact database.

Still not convinced? Check out the 7 ways dirty data is preventing your organization from growing. Read More


[Part 4 of 4] Improving Candidate Response Rates: How to Conclude Your Email

This is the final piece in our four-part series on how recruiters can increase candidate response rates. Last week, we went over why recruiters should customize their approach for each candidate they contact. In the conclusion to our series, we’ll discuss CTAs and the dos and the don’ts of the follow-up email.

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