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It sounds like an apt term to describe someone who is addicted to posting his or her thoughts on the microblogging service, which allows people to post comments in 140 characters or less.

However, Twitterholic actually calculates individual statistics for each twittering twit in Twitter’s database and is one of a slew of analytics associated with the social network.

Twitter, which launched in 2006 and now has roughly 175 million users, has become de rigueur for companies looking for new customers and fresh revenue streams. But is there a legitimate benefit to b2b sales and marketing executives who use the service or is it  just a bunch of babble?

We asked Joshua Waldman (@JoshuaWaldman), founder and CEO of social media consulting firm Cinta Media, for his take. “It’s not for [sales execs] to look at Twitter and have an opinion either way,” said Waldman, whose blog is titled Career Enlightenment. “What matters is where your customers are, and making sure you’re there.” He provided a few priorities for b2b execs who want to tap into Twitter et al.  in order to grow sales:

  • Scale the hierarchy: With Twitter sellers can create messages that home in on the right buyer(s) without having to navigate the layers of buyers within the four walls, as is the case with traditional prospecting.
  • Know whom you’re targeting: “Our prospects are bombarded with information on Twitter. If you know what the person really cares about, you’ll be able to get through to them,” Waldman said. “Do research up front and really think about that tweet (message). Always add a ‘request’ application to move the conversation to another channel e.g. ‘DM me w the best way 2 reach u.’”
  • Build on the momentum: If you get a response, more than likely it’ll be an email address in your ‘DM’ inbox, which gives sellers an opportunity to elaborate on the initial message, Waldman said. Here’s an opportunity to move up the ladder of influence, from Twitter to email to telephone call to face-to-face meeting.

In this video former Apple Fellow and co-founder of Guy Kawasaki expands on how to use Twitter for business.

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