Three Ways to Reset Lead Generation

Mac McIntosh is president and principal consultant of b2b marketing consulting firm Mac McIntosh Inc. and founding partner of b2b marketing automation services firm AcquireB2B. He gave us primer on the top lead-gen priorities for 2011.

  • Reposition marketing-driven lead generation as revenue generation: “The intention is to reposition marketing-driven lead gen, which is generally perceived as a cost, as an investment by repackaging it as revenue generation,” McIntosh said. B2b companies need to develop new sales and marketing metrics and reporting to the C- suite that show “actual” and “projected sales revenue.” Another way to move the needle: rebrand the CMO as Chief Revenue Officer.
  • Using marketing automation software to get more accomplished for fewer dollars: Marketing automation “allows you to do true one-to-one marketing to many that is virtually impossible to do without it,” McIntosh said. Many b2b marketing departments still deploy “one-size-fits-all” lead-gen campaigns because of the inability to craft one-to-one marketing using manual methods.
  • Shift the focus from lead gen to lead cultivation: The old model of getting as many leads as possible in the door has lost its luster. “The new mindset is to be equally concerned with working with who’s already in the [sales] funnel because those leads represent three out of four sales opportunities overall,” McIntosh said. “The job of marketing is not just to plant the seeds. It’s to plant the seeds, then water, weed and feed the orchard until the fruit is ripe and ready for sale.”

*McIntosh was voted one of the most “50 Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2010” by the Sales Lead Management Association.