The Value Of Big Data

value-of-big-dataWhat is Big Data?

Big Data encompasses all of the structured and unstructured data that can be found, measured, and analyzed. Where is this data coming from? It can be found through transactions, social media, sensor and M2M data, federal, state, local, and public records, and a variety of other sources. Big data includes all of the information people populate manually as well as the information that can be found about people and businesses. The amount of personal and enterprise information available is growing exponentially in an increasingly technologically-driven world. So what’s the big deal about big data? It isn’t just about dealing with more data than before – big data is characterized by velocity, variety, and variability (the 3 V’s).


  • Velocity: Data is increasing volume at an unprecedented rate and is available in near real-time. Marketers need to learn how to deal with a greater amount of data in a timely manner.
  • Variety: Data is being populated in as many different formats as there are sources of data. This requires complex and detailed analysis to fully understand what the data is saying.
  • Variability: Social and business trends can cause daily, seasonal, and event-triggered peaks in data collection, making it harder to manage data easily.


Why is Big Data so Valuable?

There are 2.7 zetabytes of data in the digital universe today but analysts predict that by 2020 there will be 50 times more, according to OgilvyOne Worldwide. With so much data being found and aggregated, there is growing demand for analysis and insight to segment B2B data. Gartner research found that by 2015, demand for data and analytics resources will reach 4.4 million jobs globally but two-thirds of those jobs will be unfilled. Managers need to be proactive about staying ahead of competition by focusing on data management and analysis. Doing so can help them know more about their organization and make better business decisions. Knowing whose information you have and getting detailed, accurate insights about them can help you segment your list and send targeted, relevant messages to your contacts. Using Big Data wisely can help employees make better decisions, strengthen customer engagement, optimize business operations, and monetize new sources of revenue.

How Can You Leverage B2B Data to Increase Revenue?

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be proactive about using and analyzing data. Using the huge volumes of data available can facilitate more accurate analyses of your B2B database. You can have a B2B data company, such as ZoomInfo, run a data analysis on your existing database. Data scientists will identify your buyer personas, helping you to expand your marketing reach to prospects who share characteristics with these profiles. Buyer personas can also help marketers segment their data, which can significantly improve email campaigns and increase ROI. Start using the value of big data to your advantage!

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