Get More from Your B2B Sales Training

b2b sales trainingB2B sales training is a big investment. Not only is it expensive, but your sales team loses prime selling hours in order to attend.

Yet, sales training programs can improve the overall bottom-line of your organization. In fact, according to CSO Insights, organizations that complete highly rated sales training programs can increase revenue by up to 106.7% (source).

Continue reading to learn why your organization should invest in B2B sales training this year:

Superior skillset

Professional sales training can provide your team with the strategies and tools they need to improve their outreach efforts. Train your team to keep them up-to-date on the latest technologies and selling techniques.

Increased confidence

Sales training can boost the confidence of your sales team. They’ll be better equipped to make sales calls, handle objections and deal with any issues that may pop up during the day. Confidence is crucial to success and can have a huge impact on sales performance and company loyalty.

Improved retention

Speaking of company loyalty, a recent workforce study in Business Week found that companies that don’t train their employees are more than three times as likely to lose them (source). Furthermore, according to the Center for American Progress, it costs an organization about one-fifth of an employee’s salary to replace a worker (source). Provide your team with the training they need to set them up for success and increase employee retention.

Increased revenue

Based on CSO Insight’s research, organizations realize a tangible business value when they invest in their sales teams. The research found that win rates could be increased by up to 50.5% and teams can increase quota attainment up to 38% (source).

Investing in sales training is only half the battle. How can you make sure the lessons learned in the training room make it back to the sales floor?  We suggest the following tips and tricks:

  • Customize training: Training is more actionable and effective when it’s specific to a team’s industry, sales cycle, and services. When possible request that coaches speak to these specifics or invest in training that is customized to your business model.
  • Request Resources: No matter what you’re being trained on, arm your team with the resources they need to apply these lessons in real life. Write out sales scripts, purchase product manuals, or print out bulleted reminders to give your team.
  • Set goals: Work with training providers to set specific, actionable goals for your sales team. These goals should be separate from their quotas and more specific to the training they just received. This will force your team to incorporate their new techniques immediately.

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