The Growth Conundrum in Enterprise vs Consumer

Hacking growth can be a wild beast to tackle. The vast majority of information available online is around B2C growth hacking covering topics such as user acquisition, retention, CTA optimization, content, social marketing and viral adoption. While this works perfectly well for the B2C world, where do B2B growth hackers fit in, and how do they figure out which growth tactics are relevant for their business?

B2C Growth

B2C growth relies on the impulses and emotions of end consumers. B2C purchases mostly go through one decision maker, making their decision more susceptible to impulse, peer pressure and influence. The hyper connectivity amongst consumers or individual users results in a winner takes all market, with few, but large vendors.

The two most important metrics in B2C growth are traffic and conversion. Conversions are more difficult to optimize, so more often than not marketers resort to bringing in more traffic to their site to increase revenue. In order to gain this traffic, B2C marketers tweak and optimize a lot of different aspects of their website – landing pages, CTA button size and color, content, etc.

B2B Growth

A lot of the things B2C marketers spend their time tweaking simply don’t matter to a B2B marketer. If a visitor to your website knows that you have the best solution for their business, they’re going to click on your CTA, regardless of whether the button is blue or green.

Contrary to B2C purchases, B2B products are more utilitarian. “Coolness” and peer pressure matter little to decision makers trying to make the most pragmatic choices for their company. In B2B purchases, it’s the company that is the buyer of products, while the individuals are only the temporary gatekeepers.  Priority is given to products that fulfill needs, not wants. The most practical solution is almost always the winner. This mindset results in the opposite of a winner takes all market, with many small vendors coexisting in the market with much larger players. In subsequent posts, I hope to share some specific B2B hacks we implemented to support our growth.

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Santosh Sharan is the Vice President of Growth & Strategy at ZoomInfo. In this role, he drives business growth through continuous improvements, growth hacking and deep analytics.