Data: King of the B2B Enterprise Sales Stack

b2b enterprise sales stackThe B2B enterprise sales stack has risen to prominence for a variety of reasons. To start, every organization has a unique approach to sales that involves different needs, processes, channels, and initiatives. A one-size fits all solution is simply not feasible. So, it should come as no surprise that 50 percent of sales development organizations leverage 5 or more technology applications (source).

Truthfully, though, these applications range in importance and adoption. At the very least, most stacks comprise of a CRM and sales automation tools. Others include gamification software or predictive analytics. But make no mistake, it’s also important to invest in a market intelligence solution—like ZoomInfo. Let’s explore three reasons why. Continue reading “Data: King of the B2B Enterprise Sales Stack”

Perfecting Your Sales Cadence with Market Intelligence

market intelligenceA recent paradigm shift has caused the “Digital Age” to merge with its predecessor, the “Information Age,” to spawn the “Age of the Customer.” The new era is best defined by the considerable leverage and control potential customers possess.

While the circumstances have changed, expectations for productivity have risen. The bottom line is, the “Age of the Customer” has put more pressure on sales to cut through the noise, connect, and transition qualified prospects to sales opportunities.

Keep reading to find out how market intelligence not only aids with prospecting, but also improves your sales cadence.
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