7 Sales Metrics Every B2B Marketer Should Know

sales metricsThere’s no doubt that sales metrics are important, especially for B2B marketers. As a marketer, generating leads isn’t enough. You need to know which campaigns are actually generating engagement, leading to conversations, and creating new opportunities for your sales team. But where do you start?

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3 Key Metrics to Increase Your Sales Productivity

Sales is a numbers game. And more often than not, those numbers exclusively revolve around revenue. That’s why, when sales leadership looks at their team’s activity to measure productivity, common metrics include:

  • Number of actions (calls/emails) per day: How many times have sales reps tried reaching out to potential buyers?
  • Opportunity creation: How many opportunities, for how much potential revenue, are a result of sales reps’ activity?
  • Closed won/lost business: Looking down the funnel, what’s the aggregate close rate of qualified opportunities?

Here’s the problem with the above metrics: sales productivity should be measured by KPIs that depict both the effectiveness of outreach and the efficiency at which reps perform those tasks. But the analysis, and subsequent insight, gained from these metrics focus too much on effectiveness and largely ignore day-to-day activities, which impede efficiency. Continue reading “3 Key Metrics to Increase Your Sales Productivity”