Simple Steps to Empower Your Sales Team

The Usual Method

Sales force compensation is the largest marketing investment for most B2B companies. In fact, U.S. companies spend over $800 billion on it each year. Traditionally, sales teams have been incentivized a bit differently than the rest of employees. They are on the front lines talking to customers, battling to bring in revenue for your company. Their efforts have been quantified based on the revenue they bring in. We often think of sales people as a different breed of employees: competitive, driven, and motivated by money. This thought process brought about the long-established commission-based pay scale which puts everyone on a level playing field and draws a direct correlation between effort and compensation…right? Let’s take a step back from the ‘sales’ and focus on the ‘person.’ People are unique and aren’t all motivated equally by the same incentives.

Help them be more productive

More than ever before, employees are motivated by the opportunity to create value for the company and have a lasting impact. Basically, they want to be given the tools and opportunity to enable them to do their job as efficiently and effectively as possible. Managers can empower sales people by giving them the tools to do their job and then show appreciation when they do well. They shouldn’t feel like drones.

Cold calling prospects all day can take a toll on your sales team if they feel like their calls aren’t having impact. If you’re thinking, “That’s just the job. There’s no way around it,” then start thinking differently! Give your sales team the accurate B2B data they need to warm up cold calls and hold relevant conversations. Accurate and detailed B2B data, such as email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, titles, and background information, can enable them to reach decision makers who are most likely to buy. Your salespeople will close more deals, shorten the sales cycle, drive more revenue, and see that they’re providing more value to the organization, and to your customers.

ZoomInfo can provide your sales reps with the tools they need to be successful! We’ll make sure they have accurate contact information at their fingertips by updating your B2B database with accurate email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, titles, background information, and more. Contact ZoomInfo today at 866-904-9666.