Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation: What You Need to Know

canada-anti-spam-legislation-CASLWhat is Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)?

The purpose of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), which is going into effect on July 1, 2014, is to protect Canadians and other individuals from spam, malware, phishing, and identity theft, while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace. Beginning on July 1, 2014, organizations will generally be required to have prior consent to email intended recipients protected under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). [b1] We highly recommend you start to take action now if you haven’t already. Continue reading “Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation: What You Need to Know”

Build More Profitable Marketing Campaigns with Buyer Personas & Lead Scoring

Knowing and understanding who your prospects and customers are is essential to building more profitable marketing campaigns. In addition to knowing names, email addresses, phone numbers, industries, and titles, it’s important to know who these people are, how they engage with your organization, their needs and interests, and where they are in the sales process. Once you understand the data, you can begin to develop buyer personas and better leverage lead scoring. Continue reading “Build More Profitable Marketing Campaigns with Buyer Personas & Lead Scoring”

Stop Wasting Time! How to Reach Prospects Who Are Most Likely to Buy

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Is your sales team spending too much time reaching out to prospects, with little to no success in closing the deal? There’s nothing more disappointing than wasting time chasing after a prospect via phone, email, or other means of communication only to find out that they’re not interested, don’t have the budget, or have no need for your product. As frustrating as this is for the sales team, think about the impact it’s having on your organization’s bottom line. Continue reading “Stop Wasting Time! How to Reach Prospects Who Are Most Likely to Buy”

Sales Presentations: how to make a big impact?

We all like to insert numbers when making a presentation, whether it is to a client, a prospect or someone internal in the company. Numbers provide factual evidence to any argument, and that is why everybody loves to include numbers in a presentation. But the question here is whether you are presenting the numbers in a way that they would make the impact that you are actually hoping for?

Let me walk you through an example that would illustrate my point better – Continue reading “Sales Presentations: how to make a big impact?”

Revisiting the basics of lead generation

Lead generation or, in other words, finding new customers, is essential for any business to survive. But every now and then, I believe it is a good idea, for any organization, to revisit its lead generation strategies. One of the ways I like to think about it is by going over a list of all the possible strategies that might be available for lead generation. The marketing team at ZoomInfo thought that it would be a great idea to compile this list and make it available to our readers as well. While many of us might be the lead generation ninjas, it never hurts to go through the ever evolving lead generation strategies once again.

The new guide that we have published covers all the basic concepts of lead generation, including ‘what is a lead?’ and ‘how to define a lead for your organization?’. I would encourage you to download this free resource and use it as best as possible, but I would also like to give a sneak peek of our latest guide. Continue reading “Revisiting the basics of lead generation”

When buyers won’t admit they need your help

Buyers withhold information from salespeople all the time. Sometimes it’s to gain a negotiating advantage, or to quickly end an unwanted sales call.

But just as often, buyers hold back because disclosure puts their self-images at risk. They’re hiding something that, if revealed, would make them lose face, expose a fault or suggest – not to you, but to themselves – that they’re not living up to their own expectations.

Guest author Michael Boyette discusses this issue in a new ZoomInsights article. He suggests a “Four A’s Approach” to get buyers to feel comfortable discussing needs that your product or service can address.

Check out the article and learn how you can move a sale ahead by acknowledging that challenges are normal, asking for help, accepting information without explanations and advancing the conversation.

7 paradoxical sales principles

Things are not always as they seem to be, especially when you’re a sales rep. The keys to success can be so counterintuitive that some folks never find them. But a new article on ZoomInsights can help.

Sales expert Jill Konrath lays out seven paradoxical truths to selling and explains each one. For example:

  • To win more sales, stop selling
  • To speed up your sale cycle, slow down
  • To be more natural, prepare like crazy

Jill makes some really good points that can help you get bigger contracts, speed up your learning curve, differentiate your offering and generally enjoy greater long-term success in sales. Check it out!

Tired of talking to voice mail?

Even the best B2B salespeople will tell you that most of their efforts to reach prospects and customers end in failure. Business today moves at warp speed, and busy decision makers often ignore all but the most urgent calls and emails. “I can’t believe how much time I waste every day talking to voice mail” is a nearly universal complaint. What’s a frustrated salesperson to do?

A new ZoomInsights article describes how some B2B sales professionals are having success with Internet communication technologies such as instant messaging and Skype. The article presents advantages, including the ability to see if your prospect is online. But it also covers disadvantage, such as your prospects’ ability to see colleagues bowling in the aisles! Take a look.

Secret agent techniques for sales success

If you’re a sales rep who ever feels like you’re on a constant treadmill of unreturned voicemail, Factor 8’s Lauren Bailey says playing secret agent might help.

No, she doesn’t suggest putting on a trench coat and surreptitiously snapping photos of your co-workers. But in a ZoomInsights article, Bailey does suggest taking a break from trying to get the decision maker on the phone and instead doing a little harmless espionage to build some intelligence about the target company.

Bailey suggests calling anyone other than the decision maker and asking questions. And the last people you might think to call might be the most helpful.

Get the details on how to play secret agent in Bailey’s ZoomInsights article.

Prospects not ready to buy? Nurture them!

A potential buyer visits your Web site and fills out a response form. One of your sales reps calls within 24 hours, only to learn that the prospect isn’t ready to buy for months. Do you:

  • Try to convince them to buy anyway?
  • Ignore them from then on?
  • Realize they’ll probably buy from someone within a couple years and nurture them with relevant content and education?

According to marketing experts Don Wynns of ZoomInfo and Lisa Cramer of LeadLife Solutions, you’ll make the most money in the long run with the nurturing approach. They explained, during a recent webinar, “The 4 Keys for turning cold leads into sales-ready opportunities.” They discussed:

View a recording of the webinar.

According to SiriusDecisions, 80 percent of prospects that don’t buy today will buy from someone within the next two years. Improve the chances that it’ll be your company. Watch “The 4 Keys for turning cold leads into sales-ready opportunities” today!