Sales-leader jobs: 7 questions candidates should ask

In a follow-up to our previous post, ‘Sales-leader jobs: 7 must-ask interview questions,’  today we turn the tables and list what we think are the most salient questions sales reps should ask prospective employers and/or sales agencies during the beginning of the job-interview process.

We tried to account for some of the issues that are top of mind these days for b-to-b sales reps, such as where the prospective company stands on social media and inbound marketing, which are going gangbusters as traditional modes of selling decline. But that’s not to say that belly-to-belly selling is going away anytime soon, so b-to-b sales reps also need to know going into a new environment how companies divvy up a given sales territory among their sales teams.

The questions are in no particular order – each job interview takes on its own rhythm depending on personal dynamics, non-verbal communication, etc. – but serve more as a template for the b-to-b sales candidate to get an overall sense of the operation he or she may be about to join. If the job candidate is under 30, b-to-b sales managers shouldn’t be surprised to get more specific questions about how the company is taking advantage of social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to increase sales. If the job candidate is a baby boomer or member of Gen X, there may be more analog-type questions.

  • How often do you provide continuing education on b-to-b sales?
  • How many touch points does it take, in general, for the company to generate a lead/convert?
  • To what degree has inbound marketing increased in the last two years?
  • What has been the breakdown between traditional and digital revenue? Where is the pendulum swinging?
  • When it comes to selling in the field, what is your policy on territory management?
  • What is your policy on using social media as a sales tool?
  • How does the company keep its sales data clean?

What do you think we may be  missing?

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