Sales Emails: How to Get Your Leads to Respond


Sales emails are an important part of the sales cycle. So how do you get leads to read and respond to the emails your sales reps are sending?

Keep Your Sales Emails Short and to the Pointsales-emails

Sales emails need to be short and to the point. No one is going to spend time reading a two page email. Try the following email layout:

  1. What’s the purpose of the email? Clearly explain why you’re sending the email and your intentions.
  2. How can the the recipient benefit from your product or service? Briefly explain how your product or service can help and use real numbers from case studies.
  3. Request a few minutes of their time: Offer your leads something of value, such as a free trial, to draw them in. End by asking them when a good time to talk would be over the next couple of days.

The emails need to be about your recipients and not you or your organization. It’s important to make these as personalized and human sounding as possible. It doesn’t matter how you think your solutions can help, it matters that you show the leads you’re reaching out to with real numbers from the success your customers have had.

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