Pro Day Follow-Up

Yesterday ZoomInfo held Pro Day with a demo of ZoomInfo Pro and 24 hours of FREE access to the ZoomInfo database. We had a great turnout and look forward to our next Pro Day on Tuesday May 3, 2011 at 2:00PM ET.

Inevitably we weren’t able to get to all the questions asked, so here are a few leftovers:

Q: Can ZoomInfo isolate only companies or users of specific products, such as Google search appliance users?

While ZoomInfo allows searches based on many different criteria, we currently do not gather information regarding specific products businesses use, so we do not have information in our database that allows us to search in that way.

Q: Do you make sure that if other people update information it is checked for accuracy first?

If a registrant to ZoomInfo creates or modifies their own profile, we expect them to volunteer accurate information about themselves and their professional status. However, like Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites that ask users to submit information, we cannot verify all information manually submitted to our site.

If information is submitted through ZoomInfo Community Edition, the bulk of it comes from the header and signature of emails sent and received by the community member. The name, email address, and company associated with that email address is verified from the headers and date stamped based on the sent/received date.  These can provide us with a name, title, company name, direct phone number, company URL, and more. If the information in the headers or signatures is incorrect, then it will remain incorrect until ZoomInfo finds new information to update it with.

Q: Can you set an alert for one specific person’s name?

Yes, just click “Set Alert” at the top of each profile.

Q: Is there a direct export function to Salesforce CRM?

We do have a Salesforce integration but it is a separate application and requires installation into Salesforce in order to import data directly from ZoomInfo. Check it out.

Q: How would I download the physical address at the same time with email and phone info?

When you export a list from ZoomInfo Pro, the export file always includes the company headquarter address, as well as email, phone, title, company information, revenue, website, etc.

Q: How US-centric is the data? I see some international data, but how much?

Our data is from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. The vast majority is from the United States and Canada.

Q:  When you extract data to excel does that include linkedin, twitter, facebook profiles?

We provide the ability for you to search on Facebook and LinkedIn within the Pro application, but we do not provide the URLs themselves.

For more information please check out our ZoomInfo Pro page. Click the link for our upcoming Webinars.

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