3 Ways to Get Past the Roadblocks & Generate More Leads

lead generation road blocks

As a B2B marketer, you know all too well that there are many roadblocks between getting leads into the top of your sales funnel and working them all the way through until they become customers. In order to get past the roadblocks, you need to understand what they are so you can find the right solution and generate more leads. Continue reading “3 Ways to Get Past the Roadblocks & Generate More Leads”

Data Segmentation 101: A Guide for Marketers

data segmentationAs a B2B marketer, email campaigns are most likely an important part of your lead generation strategy. Data segmentation and sending targeted messages to your contacts has proven to work, so why are so many marketers still sending generic email blasts to their entire database? Your contacts have different goals, challenges, and business needs and to run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to send relevant messages to them.
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Top 3 B2B Marketing Challenges & How to Avoid Them

marketing challengesAs a B2B marketer, one of your biggest responsibilities is lead generation. Your job is to generate a large volume of leads, and at the same time make sure you’re driving high-quality contacts into your sales team’s pipeline.

Without a B2B marketing strategy in place, it’s nearly impossible to do this. The experts here at ZoomInfo put together a list of top B2B marketing challenges and how to avoid them.
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Target Leads like a Great White Shark

target leadsGreat white sharks are probably the most recognizable underwater predators because they’ve honed their skills over thousands of years. They’ve spent that time growing and evolving to get better at targeting their food sources. We’re going to teach you how you can target leads like a great white shark.Tar

Companies need revenue to survive, which means that sales and marketing teams need to excel at targeting quality leads to feed the bottom line with monetary “food”. Sales and marketing departments need to hone their skills and evolve their selling techniques to avoid sleeping with the fishes!

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The Importance of Sales and Marketing Alignment

sales and marketing alignmentSales and marketing are inherently connected. The sales team relies on content and lead generation from marketing and the marketing team needs salespeople to follow up on their leads and close deals.

They both share the same overall goal: to increase revenue for the company. The challenge is to achieve sales and marketing alignment so that they can efficiently work towards that goal.

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