Quit Your One-Size-Fits-All Email Approach: 3 Ways To Optimize Your Email Campaigns

According to MarketingProfs, about 205.6 billion emails are sent every day… that is 88 emails for every human on Earth! And with 3,800% ROI, and $38 in return for every $1 spent, email marketing is far from dead.

However, devoting more of your budget to email campaigns is just half the battle to garnering decent returns. Many companies create one-size-fits-all email programs, or are not confident about the way to utilize their data in this regard. In fact, only 37% of respondents in a Business Insider study believe they use data-driven marketing “very successfully.”

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Use B2B Data to Leverage Lost Deals into Sales Opportunities

Deals are lost for many reasons. Sometimes, it’s due to a lack of fit. If that’s the case, there’s not much you can do. But as any good sales professional knows, you can often turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ with the right strategy, a little patience, and a prospecting solution in your sales stack.

Specifically, with access to market intelligence, you can maximize the 5 C’s of effective data management. This means you can maintain a complete, correct and consistent database, with current information, and plenty of coverage. As a result, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your data, and stay in touch with leads you might otherwise have overlooked. Read More

Perfecting Your Sales Cadence with Market Intelligence

market intelligenceA recent paradigm shift has caused the “Digital Age” to merge with its predecessor, the “Information Age,” to spawn the “Age of the Customer.” The new era is best defined by the considerable leverage and control potential customers possess.

While the circumstances have changed, expectations for productivity have risen. The bottom line is, the “Age of the Customer” has put more pressure on sales to cut through the noise, connect, and transition qualified prospects to sales opportunities.

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Cleansing Your Marketing Database? Here Are Key Terms You Need to Know

If you’re a marketer, the end of 2016 means one thing: BUDGET SEASON! It’s time to look at programs and services, as well as the tools within your tech stack. The least exciting item on this list? Your marketing database.

No marketer wants to go there. It’s like buying a car; financially speaking, neither feels like a great investment, as both lose value by the second. In fact, 69% of B2B marketers say old or outdated information is their biggest challenge to developing a database strategy (source: ZoomInfo). Read More

How to Enrich Your Marketing Database [Infographic]

You’ve probably heard people say sales is a team sport. But what about marketing? If you think about it, B2B marketers are a lot like football players (really)! Stick with us here: your goal is to win big, creating effective campaigns that generate leads. But that doesn’t always happen. Maybe your B2B data is outdated, preventing you from getting the first down. Or maybe there’s an interception, as you try – and fail – to pass leads on to sales. Either way, there’s room for significant improvement. Read More

6 B2B Marketing Lessons I Learned from Traveling

For the last ten years of my life I have been living in an eight mile radius right outside of Boston. I went to undergrad, earned my masters, worked for two different organizations and lived all in that small vicinity. I recently made a “big” life move and headed for the suburbs (i.e. about eleven more miles outside of the city). To say I am hesitant of moving would be an understatement. However, despite my reluctance to permanently leave the Route 128/ Massachusetts Turnpike belt, I love to travel.

I’ve tasted wine in California, skied above the tree line in British Columbia, and waved to the Queen in London. My most recent adventure in September brought me across the pond to Ireland. Like all previous travel experiences, my trip to Ireland required researching, planning, and budgeting. However, one of the most important elements of traveling (which is my favorite part), is the desire to communicate and interact with people I haven’t met before.

As I’ve settled back into the reality of my 9-5 life, I realized many of the interactions I experienced while abroad can be applied to the marketing world as well. Read More

Dreamforce 2016: The Trail Blazer Quest

Last week, seven ZoomInfo employees traveled to San Francisco for Dreamforce 2016. Like all the other attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, we were exposed to 2,000 sessions, as well as live solutions, a cloud expo with over 200 exhibitors, a U2 concert, and presentations from Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban and Will.I.Am.

Even now, a week removed from the event, I’m still trying to process all the moving parts that make up a conference of this size. But a few things stick out in my mind that I want to share.

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