How to Create a Customer-Centric Strategy with B2B Data

The customer is not always right. That being said, you should still keep their needs in mind as you implement different marketing initiatives. This is really what’s at the heart of a customer-centric strategy, in which the primary goal is to acquire high-value customers and maximize the value of every customer relationship (source: MarketingProfs).

So what does this mean in the B2B industry? Rather than just promoting products and services, today’s marketers are trying to help people solve problems through relevant content. And in order to do so, they’re turning to the insights their data can provide. Read More

Finance’s Recruiting Problem: How to recruit – and keep – the best financial advisors

Did you know that the average financial advisor in the United States is older than 50 years old? Or that only 5 percent of advisors are younger than 30? (Source: Accenture)

In fact, research group Cerulli Associates has found that the number of financial advisors in the U.S. has fallen every year since 2010. Advising firms have been plagued by a decreasing workforce, which will only get worse, as Cerulli claims that approximately 100,000 more advisors will retire over the next decade. Corroborating this claim is Richard Stein, a partner at Caldwell Partners, who has calculated that 50% of today’s advisors will retire within the next 15 years.

If not addressed head on, a talent shortage will have far-reaching consequences. As more advisors retire, there will be fewer people to take over leadership positions which endangers not only their practice, but the wellbeing of their clients as well.

Considering that 33% of Millennials prefer to get financial advice from their parents and 23% of them don’t trust anyone at all with their financial matters, recruiting people from this group to become financial advisors will be an uphill battle. That’s why ZoomInfo has put together this article on how to recruit new advisors, retain top talent and groom your successor. Read More

4 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Lead Generation Campaigns

lead-generationLow click-through rates and high bounce rates are the marketing equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death. Obviously, something is wrong. But how can you solve the problem(s) before your next lead generation campaigns deploy?

For those of you who are technologically challenged, the answer may be to restart and hope for the best. But don’t worry! You can learn from your past mistakes and generate more targeted leads. Read More

The Essential B2B Marketing Stack

marketing-stackIn recent years, there has been a shift in the B2B industry. While marketers have always been under pressure to generate a large number of qualified leads for their sales team, now they must do so, while also navigating a largely customer-driven environment. This means they can no longer send out generic email blasts and expect to hear back. Instead, marketers are making an effort to personalize the customer experience, and are using a number of different technologies to streamline this process. Read More

5 Ways Hiring Managers Can Improve the Candidate Experience

It’s no secret that job candidates have options these days. In 2008, there were 7 candidates for every vacant position. Today, that number has dropped to only 1.8 (source: ZoomInfo). Competition for candidates is getting tougher, and companies that don’t optimize their candidate experience run the risk of pushing away top candidates. We’re in the Age of Information, and if a candidate feels like they were disrespected in their interview, then everyone on Glassdoor will read about it.

Read More

7 Steps to Improve Email Deliverability

Take a look at your inbox – how many unread or deleted messages do you have? And how many of them are from companies trying to catch your attention?

This is the reality of email marketing today. As such, it’s crucial to understand best practices that can help you improve deliverability and compete in an environment where much is outside your control. Read More

Stop Wasting Your Expensive Leads: 9 Follow-up Strategies to Maximize Return

The following is a guest post by Nicholas Little at Fileboard.

If you received 1,000 leads today, could you turn them into business? How many of those would actually become paying customers and how many would ignore you until they get the energy to say no?

The sales industry is caught up in lead generation. Companies harvest leads from lead providers without guaranteeing their ROI. They might think enough leads will equal business, but without the right follow-up process, all companies actually get is radio silence. Read More