3 Ways to Use the Phone for B2B Sales Success

How many conversations does it take to turn a qualified prospect into a customer? Ask any B2B sales professional this question, and they’ll tell you a different number based on their personal experience.

Of course, some sales cycles will naturally be longer than others. But before you can even talk about closing the deal, you need to get the right people on the phone. And this is where sales reps tend to run into roadblocks, from wrong numbers to gatekeepers.

Continue reading for 3 ways to use the phone for B2B sales success:

  1. Invest in your best assets: 

A recent survey from The Bridge Group and For Entrepreneurs found the average rep turnover rate at B2B SaaS companies is 34%. Why is that?

The reasons will vary from company to company. But really, there’s a larger issue at stake here. It takes time for reps to become fully productive, and to make matters worse, they often aren’t armed with the tools they need to succeed in their day-to-day work.

Sales people are your crown jewels; don’t take them for granted. With a market intelligence solution, like ZoomInfo, your team can get in touch with prospects quickly and efficiently. Rather than conducting tedious research and switching between disparate technologies, they’ll have accurate contact and company information at their fingertips.

  1. Optimize your deal velocity: 

Understand your organization’s formula for closing deals and ingrain it into your corporate culture. To put this another way, if you’re hoping to see X number of conversations, how can you ensure that your team reaches that goal?

Before anyone picks up the phone, take a look at relevant metrics from past outreach efforts. Specifically, consider the average Time to Action, Attempt to Connect Rate, and Connect to Opportunity Rate. If these numbers don’t match up with your expectations, consider adding market intelligence into your sales stack. As a result, your team can bypass the gatekeepers and reach decision makers faster.

Remember, it takes 22 minutes to connect using switchboard numbers (source: VorsightBP). With direct dial phone numbers, however, it only takes 5 minutes. This might not seem like much, but it adds up faster than you’d think and has a huge impact on your overall sales productivity.

  1. Understand your customers:

Any time a prospect converts into a customer, ask yourself, “Why did they buy from us?” The answer to this question should be obvious, as it relates directly to your value proposition. That being said, it takes more than just anecdotal evidence to gain a clear picture of your buyer personas.

Improve the quality of your outreach efforts by analyzing your database to identify the demographics and firmographics of your best buyers. The next step? Find more contacts matching this criteria, and prepare for better conversations.

You might assume this is a lost cause, given the number of buyers who now conduct their own research before engaging with a sales rep. But 83% of buyers indicate that they appreciate being approached by a vendor if the interactions are relevant and contextual (source: Pardot).

With this in mind, provide your reps with detailed profiles on their prospects, which include recent web mentions, employment history, and more.

Looking to maximize your prospecting efforts? ZoomInfo can help you achieve B2B sales success, with access to accurate direct phone numbers, email addresses, and background information. Contact us today to find out how.