Making the link between CRM and success less elusive

Despite becoming the norm in the last few years, marketing automation still hasn’t provided the returns b2b companies thought they had bargained for.

“The promise of automation still seems to elude us,” said Denis Pombriant founder and principal analyst at Beagle Research.

The problem may be velocity. Many of the sales and marketing tools that have emerged this decade were created for conditions that are vanishing, according to Pombriant.

“The tools were built for new markets, where it’s easy to sell undifferentiated products because the category is new,” he said. “But as markets mature, there’s a movement from selling ‘net-new’ to selling enhancements.”

He added: “Now you’re taking customers from the competition, and that is at the heart of what’s going on today and why we need a fresh approach to improved tools.”

Pombriant was a speaker during a recent Webinar focusing on the problems inhibiting CRM success – and the best practices for overcoming them to drive revenue.  The Webinar was presented by BtoB as part of its “Executive Insights” program. (Disclosure: the author is a contributing reporter to BtoB and BtoB’s Media Business.)

The Webinar tackled several of the areas that revolve around marketing automation:

  • The impact of social media and how to better leverage it within your company’s CRM program
  • How the use of social channels can help b2b companies build a blueprint for lead generation and help close the loop between sales and marketing
  • How to build a better profile of your customers and improve lead nurturing in the sales-and-marketing compendium
  • The emergence of RPM (Revenue Performance Management) programs to help mitigate the inefficiencies between b2b sales and marketing teams
  • The emergence of ‘data-as-a-service,’ and similar tools that are designed to reduce  ‘browser bouncing’ online and help you collect data from unstructured sources, such as Facebook, Twitter, et al.
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