Little known nugget about measuring the value of Facebook

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The Social Network,” about the founding of Facebook, picked up the Oscar for Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay) and also won for Film Editing and Best Original Score. The movie will probably get a surge in sales at the box office, but it will be temporary, whereas people continue to flock to Facebook unabated.

The social site now has more than 500 million users and more than 200 million active users accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. Such phenomenal growth has the obvious implications for companies that need to find new customers and, perhaps more important, keep them, regardless of what they are selling.

Sure, almost every company has a Facebook page(s). But if I had a nickel for every b2b exec who is skeptical about how to extract value from Facebook, I could afford a ticket to a New York Knicks game (at least one) now that Melo is in town.

While Facebook recently displaced Yahoo for display advertising revenue, the site is also upgrading to enable users to get a better sense of who is visiting their Facebook page and pinpoint prospects who have potential.

B2b marketing guru Paul Dunay shared what he calls a “relatively unnoticed” posting on Facebook regarding new metrics for the social network.

Dunay, global managing director of services and social marketing for Avaya, and author of “Facebook Marketing for Dummies,” discussed the new feature in a recent blog post.

Three key takeaways, per Dunay:

  • The tool is designed to track the impression count of an individual piece of content posted on your Facebook Page. This was previously only allowed for Pages with more than 10,000 fans/likes.
  • The tool is significant because companies can now measure impressions across their “earned” social media, including Facebook Page postings, YouTube views and blog impressions.
  • By measuring impression data across all of these forms of media, marketers can attach a CPM to that number and define the Media Equivalent Value (MEV) they can get by participating in Social Media.

For the full blog post, click here.

Click here for what Facebook modestly calls “Jaw Dropping Stats” about the social site.

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